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Is the Egyptian tycoon, 65, the third son of Cecilia Cheunga ?, the news and the latest news

Who is the father?

It is a question of many people after it is reported that actress Cecilia Cheung has given birth to a third child in Hong Kong.

Apple Daily reported on Friday (November 30th) that Cheung was born on Sunday (November 25th) by a son at Sanatorium & Hospital in Hong Kong.

Cheung, 38, has two sons – Lucas, 11 and Quintus, eight – a five-year marriage with actor Nicholas Tseo.

The couple released in 2011 and Tse allegedly continued his relationship with a former girlfriend, the Chinese queen Faye Wong.

Cheung, who moved to Singapore with his sons after the divorce, was associated with the Singapore tycoon in March this year. Her mother, Davies Shally, revealed in a television show that her new daughter was a 65-year-old businessman from Singapore.

Apple Daily reported that the tycoon is considered a father of babies. He said he was from a wealthy family and owned a company included. He is also allegedly a shareholder in the Singapore Food and Drink chain.

Cheung, who moved to Hong Kong, allegedly traveled between Hong Kong and Singapore to see her boyfriend.

In July, Instagram announced that she was "trying hard to work for her younger sister" for her sons.

In an earlier release of Instagram in February, she filmed photos of her two in Chinese and English: "It's really too sweet before 2018, I have to give birth to a baby, that's my goal!"

Apple Daily said that Cheung had avoided public viewing in the past few months in trying to keep private pregnancy.

It was seen in May that she was dressed in a relaxed dress at a press conference that promoted the Chinese TV series "Love Will not Wait", which she starred and produced. She also deleted all older posts from her Instagram and Weibo accounts, and her Instagram account is now set to private.

Apple Daily reported that her pregnancy was known only to shut down family members and her manager Emily.

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