Friday , February 26 2021

Milan's bunker Conti banned the insult against the football team

MILAN: AC Milan defender Milan Andrei Conti from a one-year absence from injury ended up with a three-shot ban after knocking a judge and insulting an official game at the end of the youth team game.

Meanwhile, director Paolo Maldini, who spent his 25-year career in Milan, was banned for a week after insulting the official after playing against Chieva, according to a Serie A league.

Conti, 24, played his first match at any level since August last year after suffering knee injury.

The Disciplinary Tribunal of Serie A said that Conti "found a judge in his wardrobe at the end of the game and prevented him from closing the door by knocking him with his fists, and at the same time shouted bad comments on the judge."

The statement adds that Maldini "unanimously entered the pork of the judge and directed an offensive note to him."

Maldini has made a record 647 record highs, before retiring at age 40 of 2009. In all competitions he made 902 appearances in clubs, winning seven Serie A titles and five European Cup titles or the Champions League.

(Writing Brian Homewood, Editing Alexandra Hudson)

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