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Jose Mourinho praised his players after securing him after a stunning retirement victory by Manchester United manager in front of Juventus fans.

The magnificent volleyball of Cristiano Ronaldo had Juve on the road to victory, but visitors were a stunning shot in the London battle.

Juan Mata had a great free kick for four minutes from time to wild visitors, but the best was to come because Ashley Young was freed unconsciously in the back of Juventus's Alex Sandro in order to win United's last win,

Winner 2-1 is the most recent unforgettable United win in Turin and encourages hope to progress from Group H to final rounds.

"Probably when Manchester United had a hero here (2003), Manchester United was the best team," Mourinho said.

"And they (Juventus) have been a top team for many years now. They bought that player (Ronaldo), wanting to win everything, winning everything, and we're a team where many players have not played such great matches like the Champions League.

"So this is a different situation, but that's a fantastic win for us – a victory that is not just about the points we lost at home, but about how well we played.

"And I think even if this game does not end with a win, I would have the same feeling that the team really, really, of the first minute – I repeated – against the super team."

Mourinho surely had time past the Allianz Stadium. Twice a week after responding to Juventus fans in Old Trafford, holding three fingers, representing the high tone he supervised when he was in Inter, took the field and put his ear to full-time.

Juventus players react to Mourinho's victory after the game

"Well, remember what they did to me? Well, the sign I made is not a real offense," Mourinho said.

"This is something more … I just wanted to hear them comment again or not. Yes, before I said I would not do it, then I (reacted)."

You can see why Mourinho really came in one night where he praised the substitute Marouane Fellaini for the re-establishment of the "team".

The infamous midfielder felt his presence as a winner, winning by injecting a new life into the Champions League campaign and providing a great jump ahead of Sunday's derby in Manchester City.

"I think we played this season against Chelsea and Juventus, the two best teams we faced this season and we played very well in both," Mourinho said. "Very good in both.

"He is happy to win in the last minute. Against Chelsea, it is unfortunate not to win at the last moment, but we played very, very well and that is what we want.

"We want to play well, we want to go to every stadium and it does not bother the team and we play.

"If they are better than us, they win. If they have more potentials than us, they win. If we make a mistake and make mistakes, we lose.

"But I want to feel that it is not important where we go, we go to compete and I think that is the feeling that Manchester United fans around the world want to have – plug in the television and it does not matter where we play, know we will compete.

"We are going to lose games today, but this feeling is" going to play, let's try to win. ""

Massimiliano Allegri

Juventus's colleague Massimiliano Allegri was naturally disappointed after falling to a late defeat on a domestic lawn.

"That's a shame," he said. "The team produced a good performance, but they never managed to get down.

"There is always a risk when you play against top teams. We give too many free kicks in wide and central areas.

"That said, we're still on top. We have two more games we can use to win the group and go to the last 16th."

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