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Mystique, Storm and Dark Phoenix Barbie dolls announced for the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics

It was a rich 80-year journey Marvel Comics, which means that an honorary celebration is being prepared. As San Diego Comic-Con 2019 appeared, Marvel and Mattel fired the entire line Mystique, Storm, i Dark Phoenix Barbie dolls, in line with the legendary X-Men characters of the same name.

Retail at the address US $ 59.99, will be available for pre-order at GameStop on July 18, 2019, prior to leaving the store in October. Official pictures and descriptions for each character are as follows:

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MYSTIQUE: This super criminal is a mutant born with the ability to shape shapes. She cheats her enemies by imitating the looks and voices of any person. Doll Mystique Barbie® is as seductive as the character that mimics. This collector's Barbie® doll features the cult of Super Villain in a white dress with a double slit and a skull belt. Details include white gloves, boots, and details with the signature of the skull crowning her forehead.

TAMNO PHOENIX: Also known as Jean Gray-Summers, Dark Phoenix is ​​a mutant-level Omega with telepathic and telekinetic powers. This beloved figure, faced with numerous deaths and rebirths, fights with personal demons. The dark Phoenix Barbie® slimy doll is like a licked man. This collector's Barbie® doll features a dark look of Dark Phoenix in a red suit with glittering golden details, including golden phoenix graphics, high boots, gloves and wings.

STORM: Born Ororo Munroe, Storm is one of the most powerful mutants on Earth. As a member of the X-Men team, it confuses the enemies with their ability to manipulate time and atmosphere. Doll Barbie® is electrified like a licker who mimics. This collector's Barbie® doll is a real-life version of Storma in a shining black body suit, head and thigh boots, with a metallic-gold border. Gloves, head covers, and her signed stone brooch finish a fierce look.

– Official description of Mystique, Dark Phoenix and Storm Barbie doll.

WITH X-Men: Dark Phoenix As the latest movie in the mutant series, it is expected that the trio will be selected as the central part of this collaboration after their strong presence in the top movie. The addition of Mystique, Dark Phoenix and Storm also brings an extra dose of women's love to the world of Barbie doll, which includes Lara Croft.

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That's the power of a three-way woman in the house!

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