Sunday , June 20 2021

NASA will review the workplace security culture at SpaceX, Boeing

PHOTOGRAPH PHOTO: Proxy CEO SpaceX Elon Musk talks to his employees as he announces the first private traveler in the world who is scheduled to fly around the Moon at BIG SpaceX launched at Hawthorne, California, September 17, 2018. REUTERS / Gene Blevins / Image file

NASA's NASA said on Tuesday it will consider the security culture at SpaceX and Boeing Co., as two companies are equipped to fly astronaut to the International Space Station.

The National Aerospace and Space Administration has announced that it will conduct a "cultural assessment study" of companies including "adhering to the non-drug environment" prior to the flight testing flight that will be held in the coming months.

"We fully expect our commercial partners to meet all the security requirements in the workplace in carrying out our missions," NASA said.

NASA did not give any details on the reasons for this move, but the Washington Post, who first reported it, said the revision was prompted by the recent behavior of the founder of Spacex Elona Muska, shot for whiskey and short smoking marijuana during a live podcast in September.

SpaceX and Boeing are the two main contractors selected by NASA's commercial launch program to send astronauts to space by 2019 using their kite and Starliner spacecraft.

Boeing said via e-mail that he was dedicated to success in the mission as a NASA partner, while at the same time ensuring the integrity, security and quality of his products, people and work environment.

SpaceX said he actively promoted a safe working environment.

"We are confident that our all-inclusive workers and workplace programs will exceed all applicable contractual requirements," SpaceX said in a statement released at Reuters.

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