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Pink Dot rally illuminates discrimination, section 377A, Singapore News and Top Stories

SINGAPUR – Hong Lim Park was on pink on Saturday (June 29th), while the local community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) gathered at the annual Pink Dot SG event to highlight discrimination against them.

The focus of this year was on the law that criminalizes sex between men.

The organizers invited those who came to share their pictures, holding pieces of paper on which bad names were thrown at them.

In their speeches, Ambassador Pink Dotas called for greater inclusiveness and they focused on Section 377A of the Criminal Code that criminalizes sex between men.

Actress and theater director Beatrice Chia-Richmond said that much of the discrimination faced by LGBTQ people can be attributed to section 377A.

Encouraged others to "admit" discrimination and abuse in schools and in the workplace.

Social Media Personality Preeti Nair, also known as Preetipls, shared a story about her gay friend who was subjected to a series of insults while in school.

"Several years have passed and the wounds have healed, but pain is still somewhere in my head, inviting me to never take anything positive in life," her friend Preeti Nair said.

The night ended with the attendants holding the pink and white lights that formed into a large screen that required the cancellation of Section 377A.

Event organizers said it was a response to Premier Lee Hsien Loong's comment on Thursday that the 377A would remain "for a while" but did not prevent LGBTQ people from living here or preventing Pink Dot from holding.

Garry Moss (38), who works in marketing, said he had been present at every Pink Dot since the early 2007.

Mr. Moss, a gay, said that although Pink Dot has changed over the years to include celebrities and performances, participants should remember the purpose of holding the event.

"We are here to say that we do not go and deserve a place in society," he said.

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