Saturday , September 18 2021

PM Lee's 1MDB Relationship Report is Viable, Blaming: Singapore High Commission in Malaysia, Singapore News and Stories

SINGAPORE – The High Representative of the Republic of Malaysia described an online article linking Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong with the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal as false news and defamation.

The article was released on Wednesday (November 7th) on The Coverage website, which is described as a "social news network based in Malaysia". The article's source was listed as a "Straight Review" and is linked to a similar article on the Times Times website.

In response to inquiries from the Malaysian media, Singapore's High Commission in Malaysia called an article titled "Breaking News: Singapore's Lee Hsien Loong became the key investigative goal of 1MDB – Najib signed several unfair agreements with Hsien Loong in exchange for money laundering" and said : "The High Commission of the Republic of Singapore in Malaysia wants to categorize it as saying this article is a false news and apparently defamatory."

Najib Razak, the former prime minister of Malaysia, faces allegations of corruption due to the misuse of funds from the 1MDB, a state-owned investment vehicle founded in 2009.

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