Friday , January 22 2021

Police in Dubai go to the sky

Police photographers dressed in protective gear that goes to the S3 2019 hoverbike for their flying on the soccer field – with the dubaiy line visible in the background, looks like something from futuristic science film.

The company said I could give 30 or 40 Dubai if the police officers were interested and said that the government agency for emirates had exclusive rights to order as many vehicles as they needed.

"We currently have two crews already trained [to pilot the hoverbike] and we increase the number, "Alrazooqi told CNN.

Manufactured by a California company called California Hoversurf, bicycles are now being used Dubai for the purpose of training to meet police officers with their work.

CNN reports that Brigadier Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi, who led it Dubai police department for artificial intelligence, described the EVTOL vehicle as the first reaction unit for access to difficult areas.

Futuristic vehicles should be in action by 2020 and the latest extravagant power costs which already exists Ferrari and Lamborghini among their patrol vehicles.

With three blade propellers can fly at 60mph to 16 feet above the ground. The car can work 25 minutes when the pilot is a pilot and 40 minutes if used as a diver.

Dubai Officials have begun training on flying Hoverbikes, which will be put into service by 2020. Year by tweet Dubai Office for Media.

Mrs. Segura-Conn said, "They will be notified in the next month or two if they would like more."

Hoversurf, the cross between the drone and the engine, can sit on a policeman or be remote controlled. Both Dubai police and Hoversurf CNN said they explore ways to improve, for example, using new materials such as graphene in batteries and improving the eVTOL drive system. However Hoverbike S3 so it is unlikely that customers have to be evaluated to make sure they can handle it.

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