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Southwest Airlines apologized after an agent of aggression laughed at Abcde's girlfriend, United States News & Top Stories

WASHINGTON – Texas mother calls on Southwest Airlines employee, who said she missed the name of her five year-old daughter, and then sent a picture of a child's boarding to social media.

Traci Redford told ABC at the KABC branch that her daughter was Abcde, who pronounced "ab-si-dee".

Redford said the incident occurred a few weeks ago when she and her daughter were preparing for a flight to Santa Ana, California, in El Paso, Texas. Redford said the door agency at John Wayne Calif. Airport saw Abcde's name and started showing off, laughing and talking to other Redford employees and her child.

"That's why I turned around and just said," Hey, I can hear you, so if I can hear you, my daughter can also. I would appreciate you to stop, "she told the station.

She added, "While I was sitting there, she took a photographic survey and decided to publish it on social media, scoffing at my daughter.

"I was warned by someone who saw him on Facebook and reported to Southwest Airlines, and after two weeks of formal complaints, the Southwest did nothing."

Redford did not immediately find a comment on The Washington Post on Thursday morning.

Southwest Airlines has since apologized, saying the post of social media "does not point to the care, respect and discretion" the airline company asks its employees.

"We are proud to have expanded our Southwestern hospitality to all our clients, including living under the Golden Rule and treating each individual with respect, either personally or online," said a spokeswoman for the airline company.

"The post is not indicative of the care, respect and civility we expect from all of our employees. We have been monitoring the employee involved, and while we do not publicly disclose personal work, we use it as an opportunity to strengthen our policies and emphasize our expectations for all employees."

Although Abcde is an unusual name, it is not unheard of. In 2014, the Vocative reported that 328 boys were assigned during the past three decades, of whom 32 were born in 2009.

But when the name is entered into a social security database for the administration of popular children's names, it says that "Abcde is not the first 1000 names for each year of birth that begins in 2000."

Nicknames include Ce-Ce, Sidy, Abby, Xyzzie, Aebi and Seedy, according to

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