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Tattoo Of 7 Rings Really Says BBQ Grill & She's Trolled – Hollywood Life

The aficionados mock Ariani Grande after debuting a new Japanese tattoo that has been translated entirely wrong – the ink that was supposed to say "7 rings" actually is "BBQ grill"!

Ariana Grande recently introduced a new palm tattoo, but did not get the reaction you probably expected! The ink should read the title of Ari's latest song "7 rings" in Japanese, but people quickly pointed out that the message was actually translated into "shichirin". Shichirin is actually a "small barbecue on charcoal" or a small "BB". It did not take long for the fans to start looking at Ariana for good, and she eventually tweeted (and deleted) an absurd response. "Also … a big fan of small grills," she wrote.

He also explained that he knew the translation was wrong, but he said there was a reason why he missed some symbols. – Indeed, I left off [Japanese symbols] which was supposed to be in the meantime, "she announced, then wiped out. – It hurts as if it still looks solid. I would not endure another symbol lmao. But this place is spotted in tone and will not last, so if I'm missing enough, next time I'll suffer the whole thing. "Fortunately, real fans know the true meaning of a tattoo, and as Ariana said … probably fades away anyway!

After a tough 2018, which included the death of her ex-wife, Mac Millerand the end of her engagement Pete Davidson, Ariana is preparing for the big year of 2019. Not only did she release a new album on February 8, which will be her second album for six months, and she will also release it Sweetener World Tour March 18!

Meanwhile, it is still at the peak of "7 Rings", along with the previously released song "Thank U, Next." The songs are Arianine's first no. Board so he became the only artist in history who had the first two debutants in the first place at No. 1. WHOA!

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