Monday , January 25 2021

Tayanna declared on her participation in the national selection "Eurovizija 2019"

Tayanna denied rumors of secret engagement.

Ukrainian singer Tayanna, less known as Tatyana Reshetnyak, was surprised by the statement of the national election "Eurovision 2019". An actress who is trying to come to international competition for two years in a row is ambiguous, commented on his participation in the show.

In February in Ukraine loudly predict a show of national selection "Eurovision 2019". As in previous years, popular singers will compete for the opportunity to represent the country on international shows. Tayanna admits in a "high life" that after two years of struggle for victory in national selection he does not know whether to come to the project. However, the answer to this question is known by Andrey Danilko.

I think it's necessary to ask Danilko, "Tayanna said ambiguously.

Later the artist explained his commentary. According to her, after the national election "Eurovision 2018", Danilko admitted that, if no jury decision is made, Tayanna will go to international competition. That is why the star noted that only a charismatic producer and artist depends on his participation in national selection.

Besides, Tayanna denied rumors of secret engagement. Talking about the upcoming wedding of Tatyana Reshetnyak appeared after the release of photos in a wedding dress. However, the actress assured her that it did not mean anything, and these photographs were trying to "spit marriage".

"I am prophying, so we sometimes go to the first look of the apartment house to meditate and see in the future." I also try to marry her wedding dresses, "Tayanna said.

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