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The CPF responds to her father's request to use her daughter's tuition fees, Singapore News

SINGAPUR – The Central Insurance Fund (CPF) Committee responded on Friday (June 28th) to a post on Facebook posted by his father, who said he was prevented from using HFP funds to educate his daughter.

In his place on Wednesday, Lim Koh Leong told his experience when he talked with staff members at the HFP Steering Committee on that day.

Mr. Lim said that despite the fact that he needed a larger amount to cover his daughter's allowance, he was not allowed to use part of the funds because his salary did not reach the lowest deposit limit.

"At present, my CPF has 70,000+, I only need 15,000 to pay my daughter's tuition," he wrote.

The CPF Committee clarifies the online message stating that it is

Mr. Lim said he was 60 and has no stable job.

When asked if there is any other way he would be allowed to use his hard earned money, he said his HFP staff said he could report, but his chance to withdraw money would be "zero."

He said he "felt cheated, humiliated, angry."

"Do I really have to borrow money and borrow money when I get my money in my CPI? Do I have to be forced to stop her daughter's education?" He asked.

Lima's job received 3,000 shares and 1,400 comments, with Internet companies offering financial advice and support for his situation. He also re-published his message in Chinese.

On Friday, the HFP committee responded to this and said that "since Mr. Lim did not have enough CPF savings for basic retirement, allowing him to use his CPF to educate his daughter is not appropriate."

The CPF committee added that it is better to find Mr. Lim find other ways to finance his daughter's education.

"We talked with him and talked about alternative options. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts will also be in touch with him," his post on Facebook said.

As for the conduct of their staff, the HFP Board said: "After we have reviewed our video, we are pleased that our staff served Mr. Lima calmly and professionally.

"Mr. Lim explained that he was upset and offered his apology accepted by our staff."

On Saturday, Mr. Lim said that the issue of his daughter's tuition was solved with the help of his loved ones. He also thanked those who provided support.

This article was first published in The Straits Times, Permission required for playback.

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