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The man who robbed a SMRT worker receives a prison sentence in case the judge calls "shameful"

SINGAPORE: A man who robbed a 69-year-old SMRT employee at the training station was sentenced to three weeks in prison on Friday (November 30th).

Shafuan Juraimi, 22, pleaded guilty to the charge of voluntarily causing injury to Mr. Gian Cheng Kuan, Ambassador of the Carrier Service.

The court heard that Shafuan, who worked as a starter, was at Raffles Place on June 25 to put the items in the client's office.

Together with two other colleagues, Shafuan went to MRT Raffles Place to get on the train.

The group bought sandwiches and drinks before entering the station.

As they waited for the train to reach Pasir Risa, the group opened the sandwich packages they had and started to eat.

That was against the SMRT regulations prohibiting the consumption of food and beverages in cell stations, said deputy public prosecutor Tang Shangjun.

Mr. Gian approached them and said, "Sorry, you do not eat."

The group kept their food and remained silent, heard the court, but Shafuan opened a bottle of drink and wanted to drink from it.

Mr. Gian then told him that he was not allowed to drink.


When he heard it, Shafuan swung his right arm with the intention of striking the victim and slicing it on his left cheek.

He said, "I'm very thirsty, why can not I drink?" "If I die, how are you?"

Mr. Gian felt the pain in his cheek and complained of swelling and dizziness as the group boarded the train that arrived.

The victim received two days of ambulatory leave, while Shafuan was later arrested.

The prosecutor filed three weeks in prison on Friday, stating that Shafuan had earlier convictions of violent offenses.

Above that, the victim was an elder and it was an unarmed attack, he said.

There was also public concern as the victim was performing public service when he was assassinated, and "allowing violence to be unmanaged would reduce" the authority of such workers, Mr. Tang said.

Shafuan, who had no representative, told the court through a Malay interpreter that he was sorry for the offense and wanted to apologize to the victim.

"I also promise the court that I will not be offended again, I promise to change my ways," he said.


District Judge Mathew Joseph asked if he was drunk, and Shawan did not answer.

"I'm confused about your actions," the judge said. "It seems as if the fog of anger descended on you?"

"Yes," Shafuan replied. "I admit I have trouble with my anger."

The judge continued: "For a young man of 22, it's quite astonishing. I'm scared, I have to say."

He added that the victim was old enough to be not only Shafuan's father, but his grandfather.

"You have no respect for him, did your parents raise you?" the judge asked. "This gentleman just did his job."

"Your actions took place at the MRT, in full view of everything, during a traffic rush, and you're pretty excited about your actions, do not you?" he added.

The judge gave Shafuan the sentence proposed by the prosecutor, saying he wanted to make it clear that the court would not allow anyone to use public servants.

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