Friday , August 6 2021

The thermal anomaly was found in the Atlantic Ocean

The anthropologist has known the Anomalía tells

Water at one point is heated for an unknown reason.

Space space agency has released new images of the surface of the earth in the infrared space, which allow to perform thermal zones at different locations of the study area, according to regarding the news of the world.

In this screenshot, red spots point to clusters of heat generated in Metropolitan areas as a result of factory works, transportation, etc.

Attention attracted one place, right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This, as you might guess, is impossible because people do not have any activity at all. Conspiracy theorists, after receiving information, began to develop various theories.

The satellite "Finland NPP" is used for making images. Thanks to the device, experts can estimate the area of ​​red dot cities and determine where fire is located. Of course, in the middle of the ocean, no flame can be opened unless, of course, they did not support Atlantis – the inhabitants of Myth Atlantis.

Conspiracy theorists do not particularly believe in the existence of Atlantis because they support the view of staying in the ocean with a natural source of heat. It's possible this great volcano or geyser.


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