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The waiter pushed his colleague, causing extensive burns after hot water spilled on her, Courts and Crime News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – Discomforting with his colleague for refusing to help him clean up the mess, the waiter pushed the woman so hard that he sparked a chain of events that ended with Miss Neo Xinjie, who had extensive burns of the first and second levels at about 40 percent of her body.

On Thursday (November 29th) Mohammad Firdaus Mohammad Nazeer, 19, pleaded guilty in court for injuring a 24-year-old woman. He also admitted that he was not related to the unhealthy.

The court heard that Firdaus, who was on probationary deadline for fraud, worked with Mrs. Neo at Swensen's sales outlet at the Nex shopping center at Serangoon Central on June 23, 2017.

At about noon, Firdaus shed a dairy dish in the kitchen. He asked Miss Neo to help break the mess because he had to serve food to customers.

But she refused. She sighed, pushed her hard enough to have her shoulders hit the urn hot water in the kitchen.

She fell as she went backward, and the urn spilled the contents of Miss Neo, who was screaming in pain.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Kong Kuek Foo said the victim was taken to a clinic at a mall but was then referred to a hospital in Tan Tock Seng where he was found to have suffered "extensive burns of the first and second stages with some bladder."

Mrs. Neo later resigned to the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Singapore Hospital, and her early sneezing. However, during their October examination last year, keloid scars were found over her left ankle and hip.

She ran a police report on August 27 last year.

In the statement on the impact of the victims, Mrs. Neo said that after the incident she felt "emotionally".

DPP Kong told Judge Eddy Tham: "The first few months after the incident she failed to shower, and her mother had to help her wipe her body with a wet towel.

"He also could not properly go for the injury on his leg and had to stay home because he stopped working at the restaurant and is currently unemployed."

Mrs. Neo also said she feels fright every time she enters the kitchen and is now afraid and drink hot water as well.

"We remind you of a painful incident every time you see the scars, and now it's still looking for a job and it will not work in places where you have to go to the kitchen," DPP said.

Responding to inquiries from The Straits Times, ABR Holdings, a manager of Swensen, said Firdaus worked in a part-time restaurant.

It was suspended during the investigation.

Her spokesman said, "This was an isolated accident. The company reviewed its risk management and health risk management and carried out a risk assessment to identify all the dangerous areas and problems.

"Regular reminders are being conducted during daily briefing meetings with all colleagues on the importance of workplace safety."

On Thursday, June 25 this year, Firdaus also acknowledged the rebellion with five members of his electric bicycle ride near the VivoCity shopping center.

They fought against a 17-year-old boy who had previously beaten a device belonging to Firds, heard the court.

Judge Tham called on the report to assess Firds' suitability for reformative training.

The transgressors who have been convicted must spend between 18 months and three years in the reformative training center. They also have to follow a strict regime that includes on-foot exercises and counseling.

The judge also called for a progress trial report and the case was postponed until December 4th.

Because of a violation of the rash, Firdaus can be closed for up to one year and fined up to $ 5,000. For rebellion, it can be closed for up to seven years and canned.

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