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US v. Russia Moon Race is like Donkey Kong

The US and Russia are taking their fight outside the Earth's atmosphere.

Russia's Federal Space Agency Roscosmos this week presented plans for building lunar bases by 2040. NASA, meanwhile, expects a continuous presence on the Moon within a decade.

As The Next Web points out, stars and streaks, captured in the rocky landscape nearly 50 years ago, remain the only territorial banner on the Moon's surface.

But one day it can change, as other peoples set their sights on the nearest neighbor of the Earth.

"The humanity's interest in the Moon is primarily related to the fact that satellites have discovered unique regions with favorable conditions for building lunar bases," says Roscosmos.

In August, scientists observed water ice on the surface of the moon. Located in the darkest and coldest parts of polar regions, unclear deposits can be ancient. More importantly, they could open the door to the future Moon exploration.

Global Space Agency is also considering the possibility of "Lunar Mosaics", ie 3D printing structures and stone walls with treated lunar soil.

Boosted by advanced science and new discoveries, Roscosmos has pushed the Moon base to the top of its priorities.

The three-stage strategy involves the launch of an orbital station, missions, and the construction of a permanent base, as reported Moscow Times, Hundreds of aspiring cosmonauts allegedly filed applications in the hope of being one of the first Russians to land on the moon.

On the other side of the world, NASA builds the space gateway "Gateway" – a command module that will orbit the Earth's satellite, send reusable landers back and forth to the planetoid.

"We think we can achieve that in about 10 years," NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said this week. "The idea is [to] demonstrate ability, pull risk, prove human physiology, and then go to Mars. "

Nearly 50 years after Neil Armstrong became the first man to go to the Moon, President Trump signed a mandate to send the American astronauts back into a mysterious ball.

The United States remains the only country that successfully carried out missions on satellite, the last time it left its surface in December 1972.

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