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YouTuber Re-Creates New Apple Mac Pro S $ 5,999 "Cheese Siren" for Functionality Testing – The Independent News

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YouTube – After seeing a lot of posts in comparison to the new Apple Mac Pro design of cheese grate, DIY YouTuber Winston Moy has tried to create a design to make sure it's really the most expensive kitchenware in the world.

From "garbage" to "rice cheese", Apple is not new to laughing when it comes to their product design. It is rumored that Apple's most professional line so far, the other version of the Mac Pro system, as it says, "can at any time work without limitation at full power."

Equipped with the most powerful graphics card in the world, the three large fans that maintain the component with a cool but silent, customized expansion module called the MPX module for delivering higher power and high bandwidth connectivity, and more, the new Mac Pro Large Upgrade from its predecessor by Apple he admitted it was a mistake.

However, many in the online community see something bad in the design, or rather, different similarity of the grill with the usual kitchen utensils.

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At the beginning of his video, Winston showed that many technical reviewers had crammed the CPU as "fish cheese".

Without having to wait for the fall to find out the machine's additional feature, Winston continued to design to see if a high-end machine could fill its new nickname.

Since he could not capture the actual CPU, the DIY engineer used a hand-held aluminum block and computer numerical control (CNC) drill to create a grill.

After a few minutes of technical jargon, Winston discovered his version of cheeses fish that remained as close to the actual design, along with the satin finishing touch.

After asking "What would Steve Jobs do" for ventilation complications, Winston said he improved the design of the original Mac Pro case.

"In that sense, I actually improve Apple's design by taking the time to make all those small cutouts at the edge of the hole," said YouTube.

And now, the discovery.

"To answer the question to everyone in mind, but it does not really matter," the grill does not work well as a fish chef.

He used Pecorino Romano cheese (hard and salty Italian cheese) for his proper consistency, but he was not able to properly grind cheese.

"So, the conclusion is that Mac Pro's performance as a chewy fish is not surprising," Winston said.

However, he found the perfect alternative to his creation – a soap dish. He hinted on the potential of Apple expanding into bed, bath and outside.

Mac Pro will be released from September to November 2019 and will start at US $ 5,999 ($ ​​8,122) only for CPUs. – / TISG

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