Wednesday , June 23 2021

Against the home of the Germans no longer with the Slovan players: Ramsay hopes someone will play

In the picture of ski coach Slovakia Craig Ramsay
In the picture of ski coach Slovakia Craig Ramsay

KREFELD – Slovakian hockey players have also lost in the second match at the German Krefelde Cup tournament with the Russian Olympic team tightly 1: 2. Winners of Craig Ramsay are pointless and can best finish in third place.

The Slovaks will play the last game at the tournament Sunday at 2:30 pm against the home team. The Ramsay coach can not count on four Slovan players who have already agreed before the tournament to play only two games. The question is also the beginning of Marek ďalogu, who had fewer problems with his right hand after Saturday's match. Andrej Košarišťan will defend the game. From 11 am, the title was slaughtered by Swiss people with a young Russian election.

"I think we had a great start and the first third, we played very well, we were aggressive, we ran fast and again in the second third, we made misdemeanors, changed the game and it was hard for us. not to do misdemeanors … In the third part we had some great opportunities, one of which was Svitan, another Kristof Maybe we did it, but we did not achieve the goals Tomorrow we will not play Slovenian players and hope we have enough chalana for the match " coach Craig Ramsay said after the game.

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