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Ambulatory reports: The number of patients on respiratory diseases and flu has increased

The number of patients with acute respiratory diseases (ARO) in Slovakia during the 48th week increased by 13.7% over the previous week. Doctors reported a total of 49,489 AROs.

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The highest morbidity was recorded in Bratislava, the lowest
in the Košice region. AROs are mainly children younger than five years old. TASR about it
informed the chief hygienist SR Ján Mikasa.

The course of the disease was complicated by ARO in 1292 subjects. between
The most common complications are sinusitis (693). Other complications
were otitis (344) and pneumonia (255). Diseases accounted for 59 percent
general practitioners for children and adolescents and 46 percent of general practitioners
for adults. The highest proportion of doctors reporting is reported
in Trnava, the lowest in Bratislava.

The doctors reported 3979 flu cases in the 48th calendar week
(CHPO), which represents eight percent of the total number
of the number of AROs reported. Compared with last week
morbidity has risen by 24.9 percent. The biggest morbidity was
recorded in Nitra, the lowest in Bratislava. usually
CHPO had children in five years.

The end of the education and training process was held this week
reported in 16 schools.

There were 15 kindergartens, eight of which from Košice, four
from the Trnava region and one from Nitra, Trenčenja and Žilina
region. Teaching was interrupted by one elementary school
in Prešovo region.

The flu season lasts from the 40th calendar week of the year
The 18th calendar week next year is set by the World Health Organization
Organization (WHO). It is characterized by increased acute illness
respiratory diseases, including influenza and related diseases. About that
about flu, the most accessible and most effective specific protection is according to
annual vaccination of epidemiologists. In Slovakia, everyone is paid
health insurance. The best time for vaccination is during the fall,
in the winter months to the outbreak of an influenza epidemic.

Flu viruses are spread primarily by air in cough and sneezing.
Not all colds or coughs automatically mean that man
got the flu. Comes suddenly and monitors high temperatures,
over 40 degrees. Different complications can also be linked. On its own
Flu is not working with antibiotics.

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