Sunday , May 16 2021

Another operator in Slovakia added support to VoLTE. So far with a small hook

O2 finally brings VoLTE to its customers, ie Calls via LTE. Unfortunately, there is a smaller hook that could be solved in the coming weeks.

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Customers finally waited. By themselves official site The Slovak O2 operator notifies VoLTE service availability. This service allows calls through LTE networks. In addition to calls, it is possible to actively use the data network and surf, which is not possible without this service.

However, the VoLTE service on O2 has a small hook. As the operator states on his website, he only supports the service for two smart phones, namely Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. Support for other models should therefore gradually increase in the coming weeks.

VoLTE calls are the same as in traditional calls. All you have to do is have a smart phone with VoLTE support and turn it on. 4G LTE SIM card is also required.

source: O2

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