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Apple has removed 700 applications from the Chinese application

Failure to meet the contractual terms that Apple requires has also affected some of the major developers who have very popular and mass-produced apps.

Many iPhones in China may have been surprised to learn that they have not found their popular app in the local App Store recently. Apple has removed them more than 700 because of the violation of the update policy. Removed apps directly give users updates and bypassing the control mechanism that orders them to update exclusively through the App Store store. Any iOS update, whether it is related to a variety of new features or security patches, must be approved by Apple before its release.

Deleted applications include, for example, Sougou, which is a Chinese alternative to Google, but also popular Pinduodo, which is one of the most widely used applications in China in the online shopping category of various goods. Apple's defense should add that the Sillicon Valley company warned against bypassing and warned China of compliance with the rules two years ago.

Apple seeks to strengthen its control over its official online business in China, which, due to the huge number of users, generates the largest portion of worldwide revenue (as far as the application is concerned). Only in August this year, Apple erased thousands of apps from the Chinese App Story, which also violated the rules, especially gambling applications. However, absolute control of your application store in the most populous country in the world can not be said, which is a proof of deletion VPN applications at the request of Chinese government officials last summer. VPN applications have long been in the eye of the Chinese government because they allowed Chinese users to visit blocked websites and prohibited services.

source: Telegraph

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