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Are you kissing your baby on your lips and taking photos? The famous Ocko paid for it

This is not the first time that the audience has literally begun to accumulate because of the expression of parental love …

A few days ago, former footballer, husband designer and & # 39; exspajsky & # 39; Victoria Beckham, David, has released a wonderful photo with her daughter. They both skated on the skateboard, both leaning against each other and kissing. For a moment, the proud fathers did not hide from the world, but praised him on the social network with the words: "Christmas is coming, let's go to the skates."

But he did not realize that the avalanche of controversial answers to the ways of expressing parental love would begin again. Some people think that the innocent child of love is a beautiful and natural expression, others accuse him of being unhappy, sexist, and simply not part of it. What do you think?

Parents comments

With a proud eye in the brown mengastral hats and orange screams, a daughter kissed on a red boat was kissed. However, for many mothers and fathers, at first glance, family and idyllic moments were inadequate.

"Strangely – it is inappropriate for a parent to kiss his children on a lips. If his head or cheeks are sweet," wrote the commentator. The following added, "I have no children, but … It is uninhabited to kiss the kids on their lips."

But many of the comments were defensive and understandable. It is still natural to express love and parental love to your children and kiss on the lips. One of her mothers wrote: "There is no opposition to her father kissing her little daughter on her lips. Anyone who thinks something is wrong, then that person is not right."

In the defense of David Beckham there were many parents who also underwent parenting and education. "I kiss all my kids on lips, my eldest son is 14. Parenting love is not a strange thing." Negative contributions to this photo reflect the fact that something with this world is wrong, and the photo itself reminds us of how the world should be. "

What do you mean to do differently than Beckhamer?

George and Amal can not give advice to her nurses, who have recommended it?

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