Sunday , April 11 2021

Batman's new Superman will be released on VGA

Let's see if this is true, because Superman has been working long.

The world of speculation is interesting. On the one hand, he can bring true information before it is said, but on the other hand, it does not always have to be based on the truth.

This applies, for example, to a new study project Rocksteady, creator of the Batman series: Arkham. They speculated for a long time to work either on the Justice Leauge game or on a separate Superman game and show it to E3 2018None of this has happened and we are still waiting. So maybe not long.

A few days before the prize game (Dec. 6), information appeared in various forums (ResetEra and 4Chan) to play the game Superman: The World's Best and as a developer in the game just mentioned Rocksteady. The same name of the game was lost before the E3 2018, and it was revealed that apart from Superman, the game would include the playful characters of Batman and Robin.

We'll see. The game rewards here are already a producer of events written to be presented more than 10 new games. We already know that one of them will be a new game from Obsidian's studio, and Superman can be the other quieter.


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