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Children especially suffer from respiratory diseases – Health and Prevention – Health


29.11.2018 13:45

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The child is more susceptible to the disease because immunity is still developing and has a different bacterial flora than an adult man.


Emergency medical exercises are increasingly accompanied by patients with acute respiratory diseases, including flu.

This is the expected development of the situation during the current flu
the season when it gradually affects the activities of upper and lower respiratory diseases
growing. You have to take care of prevention, especially in small children.

During the flu season, children are a sensitive group that,
most often the most common. The child is more susceptible to illness,
because immunity is still developing and has a different bacterial flora than
an adult man. Therefore, as far as infectious diseases are concerned,
the most dangerous group.

In addition to adhering to hygienic habits, nurseries are extraordinary
It is important to take care of the so-called. morning filter. It should be avoided,
so that a sick or hopeless child enters the team.

A bad kid does not belong to a kindergarten

The morning filter must pass through the responsible persons (mostly pedagogues) by law
Provide pre-school workers with regard to protection
the health of children as part of their stay in kindergarten. The Law on Protection,
support and development of public health conditions in preschool upbringing
the device can only place a child that does not show signs
portable disease.

"Physical and legal entities operating preschool institutions
must ensure that the responsible person is discovered every day,
whether the child's health condition allowed him to accept it. They also have to
make sure that the responsible person accepts a child who is suspected of being ill
based on his health check by attending nurses
Doctor. If acute symptoms occur during childhood during the day
of the transmissible disease, it is necessary to isolate it from others in order to ensure this
monitor and immediately notify the lawyer, "he says
Senior Professor Jan Hamad, Head of the Department of Hygiene and Youth at the Public Health Institute.

In kindergartens, the upper lining is very common
respiratory tract. Usually this is a common type of nasopharyngeal disease that occurs
however, in childhood, can complicate the spread of infection in the middle
ear, helpful cavities, throat and bronchi or lungs.
Viruses or bacteria are the origin of the disease, the infection usually spreads
decline in infection.

Pediatric always decides on the way of healing, which differentiates what he / she does
the disease goes on. In the case of viral diseases it is symptomatic
treatment – treatment of fever, vitamins and teas. in
treatment with antibiotics is indispensable.

"In both cases, however, the child must rest on the bed and on it
team to return after full healing. Too early to return
an unexpected child in kindergarten prolongs his recovery and
it also increases the risk of another child's infection, "said Associate Professor

Washing hands is the basis

Children, however, need to remember the importance of thorough washing of hands
with the warning that just rinsing under running hot water is not enough
a good dose of soap is also required. Washing your hands is what you can do
the easiest way to prevent the spread of a large number of infectious diseases
including respiratory.

Hand care should be done responsibly and should not be missed
palms, back of hands, between fingers and under the nails. Best then
rinse thoroughly with a disposable wiper or clean towel.
The child should emphasize that his hands must be washed away after he has come to school
I return home before and after meals, after each use of the toilet, after coughing,
sneezing and in any sense of unclean hands.

"It's also important to take care of the kids in the winter
immunity through the supply of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C and
with enough fruit and vegetables. The most important thing is to learn
children of regular daily consumption of fruits and vegetables throughout the year,
not just in times of increased respiratory infections, "she explained
Jana Hamade.

The flu season runs on the northern hemisphere from October to late April
next year. Increased flu activity is occurring roughly
during December, flu wants to break into an epidemic of an over-population
January and February.

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