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China stopped the work of a team that edited the DNA of twins born

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Beijing, November 29 (TASR) – The Chinese government has ordered the arrest of a team of scientists claiming to have modified the DNA of several human embryos, AP reported on Thursday.

Chinese Science and Technology Vice President Sü Nanpching, in an interview with China's state-run CCTV, said his department was opposed to experiments with legacy DNA alterations.

As a result of the efforts of scientists led by Che? Ien-kchueja, claimed that the birth of female twins and probably the pregnancy of another volunteer involved in the project. The children were born at the beginning of November.

This information, coming directly from Che Ġienchiuja, has not yet been confirmed by independent sources.

According to available reports, the female egg in the tube fertilized with the sperm of the partner, then genetically modified and then re-entered the female body. Basically, this was the technique used in artificial fertilization with additional genetic editing. However, many scientists in the meantime said that from an ethical point of view this is a very controversial project.

In the efforts of Chinese scientist Che Jinjuich, eight couples were included as volunteers – fathers were tested HIV positive, mothers tested negatively. A couple of projects came out before it stopped.

The purpose of genetic embryo modification should be to enable HIV positive fathers to infect children who have less risk of infection than these viruses, causing inexhaustible immune acquired syndrome (AIDS).

Sü Nan-pching described the activities of Che Chenian's team as unlawful and unacceptable. He announced that the government had ordered the authorities to initiate an investigation.

Che Ġien-kiu, with his experiment, surprised most scientists and shocked many.

Edit the DNA (so-called "Germline Editing") is a controversial topic, and in many countries this method – the modification of human DNA – is prohibited. These changes in DNA may also occur in the next generation, and some other genes may be damaged.

A group of leading scientists who met at a Hong Kong conference today agreed that such a potential DNA inheritance would soon be.

Scientific conference participants agreed on Thursday that it is inappropriate to create human eggs, sperm experiments or embryos because there are no clear risks associated with them or safety.

Source:, news portal TASR

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