Thursday , February 25 2021

CORONAVÍRUS Ivana goes through hell: Her husband is fighting in JIS, the infection was inconspicuous

“I avoid places where there are more people, I use the veil. I was even worse when I found out my husband was positive.” the 65-year-old Czech started her story for the daily Blesk. Her two-year-old husband has a serious covid-19 course. Ivana mentions that at first he did not complain about anything. “The man started sleeping. He ate less, but he didn’t complain about anything. Then he got a cough and a cold. I thought he had a cold outside.” Shortly afterwards, Ivan’s husband was already suffering from severe diarrhea. His health condition was so serious that he ended up in the hospital. To this day he lies in the intensive care unit.

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Ivan tested negative for the new coronavirus. However, he is isolated in house quarantine. When she called the hospital, they told her to prepare for everything, but a miracle could happen. “I was shocked, but I’m also glad they told me that right away,” she stated. At the same time, she admitted that she was overwhelmed by loneliness. “I’m an active person. I usually go to village dances, to part-time jobs. It always helped me in difficult situations. I’m in prison now.”

CORONAVÍRUS Ivana goes through hell:

Source: TASR / AP

At home she tries to get a job – feathers, irons her husband’s clothes to work – but she is also caught in black thoughts. “I do not want anything. I will start working and sit down again. I feel tired. I fall asleep during the day, I can’t sleep at night “, the woman confided.

Ivan appreciates bright moments all the more, for example, when her son brings a purchase to the door or long phone calls with his sister. “It’s a relief to talk to someone at least remotely,” she added. She was also pleased with the news that her husband was a little better. “But I’m still thinking about what’s next. We’ve been together for 37 years.”

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