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CSOB makes a mobile payment. This is not Google Pay, but your own solution

ČSOB banka is introducing a new solution that supports the expansion of non-cash payment – its own digital wallet ČSOB SmartPay. With a new application and a compatible smartphone, you're paying for stores in a simple mobile phone. Otherwise, NFC technology and Google Pay will be used.

What do you need?

With this application, bank customers can pay NFC payments through a digitized payment card without a simple plug-in of the mobile device to the payment terminal in the store. To use a new payment method, you need an Android 5.1 and a newer smartphone that supports NFC and, of course, you must be a banker and have a MasterCard payment card issued by the bank.

"This type of payment is very fast, simple and practical, but at the same time secure as a standard card payment, so the customer can easily register his credit card directly in the application, as a result he can take advantage of his mobile phone for business payment. if an internet connection is not available on your mobile phone, so the client can make 10 payments, explains Spokeswoman of the Croatian Armed Forces Anna Jamborová.

Ask the card directly in the app

Clients who do not have a MasterCard payment card and want to use this form of payment may request a card. The simplest way is to request a card directly from CSOB SmartPay. The card can be easily purchased for 3 years without a charge for its leadership.

"During the first days since the application was available to the public, more than two thousand of our clients have taken over and activated, which we believe is extremely positive." The application is currently in the pilot version, but has no impact on the reliability and security of the payments made. as much as a number of mobile devices and so increase the ease of use " says Jamborová.

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How can I activate NFC payment?

  • You first need to download the CSOB SmartPay application and sign up for it
  • Registration and activation complete the client with the confirmation of the activation mail you receive
  • Now add a supported credit card to the app and still confirm with the 3-D Secure, the unique SMS code you receive

How to pay a smartphone? A little complicated

Clients have two payment options:

  1. After opening the application, under NFC payment, click Payment, enter mPIN, and attach the smartphone to the POS terminal with the option of payment. Payment information is displayed directly on your phone

  2. Unlocking your mobile device and plugging into a POS terminal that is activated for payment. The mobile device display then prompts you to enter mPIN. After entering mPIN, the client returns the device back to the POS terminal. Payment information is displayed on your phone.

version: differently

Current price: free

version: differently

Current price: free

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