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Daily Sports Survey: Irresistible "yes" for Canadian

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"The voice of the people, the voice of God". If the representatives of the Slovak hockey association followed this often paraphrased quote from the Anglo-Saxon monk of Alko, Emperor Karol Veliki, Craig Ramsay would remain the trainer of the Slovak ice hockey team.

SPORT DAILY CALL Do you need CRAIG RAMSAY to be a Slovakian hockey team coach?

Despite the fact that he did not bring in the quarterfinals at the last two World Championships and at the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang last year. However, readers of the Sport Journal continue to believe in charismatic Canadian. In our poll, 2993 voters voted to stay on the bench, and "only" 228. On Facebook, up to 93 percent of respondents, the vast majority, were against "yes."

One of our hockey editors Tomas Prokop on the popular "thought" side of the daily Sport magazine in an article titled "Ramsay should stay" Among other things, he wrote: "Ramsay has introduced a team of modern hockey style, all you have to do is remember what our hockey players worked two years ago at the German Championships where they almost came out, and it looks like the Canadian route is right. he gave the player a blood system, not only the NHL leaders who were accustomed to the highest level of play but also the Slovakian hockey players were tempted to play at the pace. stay on Ramsay's bench, from which a promising younger generation of Slovak coaches could continue to learn. "

Try to keep Ramsaya. Do not let hockey fall back on your knees.

Bohuslav Vazan

The next day, however, another member of the "team" hockey team Vojtech Jurkovič commented on the title "Dreaming Dream" he expressed his opinion, which disagreed with his colleague. "Ramsay has always consulted three or four of his assistants, experienced former representatives, on the podium, but it did not bring synergy, not just the rebellious wing of the legendary Golona, ​​but the vast majority of Slovak coaches agree that after such mistakes in training they usually train trainers in Slovakia and in the second league, "he says.

While there is an expert discussion in our inauguration, which is presented to the public on the topic of (non) the remaining 68-year-old from Western Ontario led by the Slovak national team, the readers of Sport magazine and his Facebook profile are clear. "For now we have no trainees of similar quality in Slovakia," said Simon Struhár. "It must remain and be done, because it has not done a great work," wrote JuRi Bizon. "For at least 10 years," suggests the length of another contract for Ramsay Dusan Burdy.

About the future of Canada, talks were held in Facebook on Tuesday after the last match of Slovakia at this year's World Championship. "What needs to be done is to continue. There is no new trade union chair, no new team for realization. All you have to do is vote on the sequel, "says Davidko Maskov Svetkovsky.



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– Fantastic super trainer. His merit for our brave hockey. The fantastic feeling of the game will last a long time in us. emotionally written by Daniela Slancova Šulcova. "None of the potential Slovak adepts has any chance of completely replacing it," Andrea Fialova added.

– Try to keep it. Do not let hockey fall back on your knees, calls Bohuslav Vazana, to which Michal Kodaj added: "After many years, I have been enthusiastic about our matches. I do not know if this is his merit, but it all suggests that. Well, if they let it down … So everything goes back to the gray Slovak average.

Although, according to our poll results, Craig Ramsay should stay with our national team, his critics have been found. "He was not convinced." No authority. Ogromni golmanski pogrešci, a bad forward and off game at the end of the match. We will not pull rocks. Slovakia played so well that it lost … " Written by Milan Matejov.

According to Ivan Spanika, Ramsay was "like a chess piece". Miloš Sprušanský has published Canadian status: – Do not make him a hero. He could not handle Hudazek. Here was one Canadian who could not handle the players and now again. "

Well, let's see who will eventually stand on the bench of the Slovakian hockey team. It may be assumed that this was done by Margo Ramsay and his future, Igor Kronauer: – No objections to me. However, Slovak coach would be more beautiful … Michal Handzu would be the ideal choice. "

Number 3221

People voted in our poll, 2993 for Ramsay, 228 against.



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