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Damage has shown the interior of the new Scale

The interior of the new model shows the direction Škoda will do on other vehicles.

Damage brings us new information about Scali after small doses, but many surprises will not remain on the premiere next week. After sketch, she showed real interior photos. Take a good look at the instrument panel and other details, as Scala shows the new direction the Czech car maker has made. The main element of the new interior is a touch screen with a diagonal of 9.2 inches. According to Škoda, this is the biggest screen in the classroom. The designers placed it freely on the dashboard to be in the visible field of the driver and loved the passenger well. There is a line on the screen that resembles the motor cover line. The part of the screen below should be handy as you touch the screen.

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Below the screen are the air conditioners and the separate air conditioning control panel below. Other buttons for switching or disengaging the start-stop system are located on the standard position around the gear lever. The damage promises the use of high-quality materials and surface of the instrument panel, and the door panels should be softened. The novelty for the damage is also the specific surface structure that mimics the crystal structures. In the future this type of surface will become typical for the Czech brand.

Interior of Škoda Scala (5 pictures in gallery)

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