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Dinamo Zagreb – FC Spartak Trnava

Spartak Trnava did not hit Zagreb at home Dinamo and suffered 1: 3. Vachtang Čanturišvili scored only Spartaka. Domestic goals were achieved by Gojak, Kadlec achieved his goal and Orsič added third goal. Dynamo has already won a place in the spring of devastating battles. The fog was on the edge of the game and was not tied, but the judges decided to decide.

90 + 3

The last minute of play is played.

90 + 1

Livakovič took the ball from the left to the wheel and made the score 1 – 1 for Jirka.


They are minimum four minutes.


Replacement in Dinamo Záhreb: Days Olmo leaves Mario Budimir.


Near the end of the match, Spartak seems to have left Zagreb without any hesitation.


Godal remains sitting on the ground, it seems to be a minor injury.


Replacement of FC Spartak Trnava: Andrej Kadlec, Filip Dangubič has entered the game.


Godal broke Petkovič, one of the playful offenses, did not allow his home team to go into dangerous action.


The poor have a ball in their hands, Spartak will not give up, the points will have to score two goals.


Dinamo Tóth comes out and claims the ball


Change to FC Spartak Trnava: Davit Schirtladze leaves Jiří Kulhánek.


Orsich was easy at the end and it was enough to just pull the door. This player just won, otherwise he also competed in Trnava.


Replacement at Dinamo Zagreb: Mislav Orsic left Ivan Šunjić.


Dinamo Zagreb scored a goal!

MISLAV ORŠIČ points for Trnava and Petković. Grissak's erroneous passage was re-set to Dinamo.


Direct kick again for Spartak. Kadlec focused on the passage from Work, but did not win Trnava anymore.


The men's center in the fire, but the action stops signalized misfortune.


Spartaka is a direct hit. Left ball at hex level. Good choice for angels.


Replacement in Dinamo Záhreb: Mario Gavranovic left Bruno Petkovic while he was standing.


Gavranovic challenged hostile stress, but Toth was cautious. Dynamo will increasingly threaten the box.


Domestic side is more defensive, leaving Trnava to play and Andel is now running through Kadlec, then Malecki sent a bullet. But his attempt was inaccurate.


Livakovich took the ball in his power, Spartak feels the opportunity, Dinama's domination from the first half is no longer so pronounced.


Change to FC Spartak Trnava: Ali Ghorbani left Patryk Małecki.


We are waiting for the first replacement.


Godal broke Orsic, home to the ball and trying to keep two goals.


Martin Chudý had a brilliant chance to give Dinamo a chance to knock it in for a corner.


Schirtladze saw most attack opportunities on the wings.


Basically, they lowered the chance for Trnavcan's action and had a chance to hit. By the end of the game there is 25 minutes and performance.


Trnava scored a goal!

VACHTANG ČANTURIŠVILI passed Davitt Schirtladze and scored the left side, giving Livakovic a chance to score. He used the defender Stojanovic and reduced to one level.


We have an hour of play, Dinamo has two goals and fully checks the match.


He nearly lost the ball, but his teammate Čanturišvili helped him. Godal helped show off his additions when Olm just raised the ball.


Stojanovic falls to sixteen and punishment will not be enough. Let's play.


In addition, Dinamo and Gavranovic, beside Chudi, also had a door. That might be a difference of three goals, Trnava was lucky.


Trying to escape Ghorbani did not match his idea, the ball was too fast and ran away.


Halfway to Dinamo, Spartak continues to attack by throwing a car.


Faul Ghorbani in Ademu. Yellow card for the attacker in Trnava.


As soon as Chonka sent the ball to Chanturišviliho, there were two rival players and they did not give him a breath. Ball in the field.


The council sent the ball at sixteen, and Toth did not act as he wanted. The rating does not change.


He shot a direct strike for Spartak. Now, Ghorbani's team goes out to Kadlec on the right. Trnava with Radom shot, a ball hit and Spartak's corner kick.


It is played with an orange ball, but it is not quite for anyone. No one can see this match.


Both teams continue without a half.


The second half started.

The game, despite the fog, is likely to continue.

After the first half of the season, the home team went to 2-0 when Gojak broke through the 22 minutes of the game after 35 minutes of the game Kadlec. Dynamo is more active even after the first half, today Trnava seems to be forgotten. We'll see what coach and coach do in the second part.

45 + 1

The first half is over.


One minute.


He stayed on the ground, he did not play for a moment. The half is over.


Another attempt at home, Dinamo continues the corner kick.


More than 1,500 fans who traveled from Trnava will probably not see much matches.


Five minutes before the end of regular play in the first half have a ball at home football players, they have enough time, they do not go anywhere.


Schwerins fouls … Spartak gets the half-time of the opposing team. However, the Council and its centers did not succeed, but Trnava remained alright.


The Oršič player put the ball in the back of the net, but Perič was in high altitude.


Wrongly before Spartack's six, Chanturišvili broke the Olma and the guests would defend.


Dinamo Zagreb scored a goal!

Goal OF ANDREA KADLECA will send Dinamo to two goals. Stojanovic sent a pass in Orsic, Kadlec wanted to stop the ball passing and send it to his door.


The defenders have defended another of many attacks on Dinamo, the result is not changed, Trnava loses one goal.


The 21-year-old Gojak is still in tune. Now he came to the bounced ball and tried to shoot. The ball is outside the door of the poor.


The visibility is really awesome, the referee decided to play with an orange ball.


Jirka got into a match with Stojanovic, but the referee went to the game. On the other hand, Čonka has already signaled a violation of Olmi.


We have half the games, Trnave players have a lot of standards but they did not have a great chance.


Trnavčan Schirtladze fired a free kick from Spartak.


Center Council and Rrahmani sent the ball to safe. Even before this discrepancy, the Trnavians committed a violation.


Spartacus Corner. Chanturišvili is particularly active.


Kadlec kicked Chanturvili, his center was blocked, not in the corner for Trnava.


Peric dropped the center of Radu, Trnava remained at the door, Andel would hit the corner.


Domestic domination falls to the naked goal, Trnava matches Chanturišvilim, who is a foul. The council sends the ball to sixteen.


Dinamo Zagreb scored a goal!

The home crowd is still in the lead. After the ball was finally cleared off the goal, Gavranovič came through the middle, but his shot went just wide. AMERICA GOJAK was able to reach the goalkeeper's feet.


The council received a yellow card for a misdemeanor after Spartak's direct hit.


Yellow card Jakub Rada (FC Spartak Trnava).


Ghorbani is a foul, a direct hit for Spartak. The midfielder tries to get out of the penalty area but the ball flies.


Dinamo arrived again through the Rrahman, but sacrificed in his Toth rocket and did not allow the opponent to score.


The fog seemed to disappear, but the state was no better.


Schirtladze fled with the ball on the opponent's side, but did not find anyone who won, and finally came to the ball.


On the other hand, Tóth raised the ball, and Chanturišvili on the inside of the hexagon ended near Livakovic's door.


Gojak joined Olm, but after defending the defense, Spartak moved to the side of the net.


After a quarter of a game, the state is free, though Trnava can play.


After a long time he reached the center but his attempt to pass Dinamo's door ended in Livakovic's hands.


The game is occupied by the Croatian champion, and the poor will decide to catch it today.


I managed to get pressure on Ademi's goal, and the corner kick was already a mistake for Grandma Dinamo.


The Super Progress of the Poor, the Trnava goalkeeper was trained with Perić and Rrahmanija. The result does not change, but domestic pressure remains.


Tótha na Gavranović, a direct shot from the left side of the goal. Trnava must be careful.


Faul Schirtladze and the combination of Trnave continue. Croats play, dense fog brings with them a series of inaccuracies.


The home action ended with the kicks of Kadleca. Orsy had no chance, moving away from his Poor Gate.


Domestic attack, Trnavska defense activity of the whole team, stayed and Andel can play forward.


Kadlec had to return quickly before the arrival of Gojak, the Trnava stopped and Chanturišvili tried to shoot at Dinamo's gate. However, Georgić missed a blow.


The ball ended in the hands of the poor, the Trnava could go ahead, go through the right side and Kadlec.


There is a heavy fog in the stadium, the player's recognition is very difficult.


The meeting has just started.

Both teams come to the field. Trnavčania will play in a white, home in the dark.

Introductory meetings:

Dinamo Zagreb: Livaković – Stojanovic, Théophile-Katarina, Perič, Rrahmani – Gojak, Ademi (K) – Hajrović, Dani Olmo, Oršić – Gavranović
Deputy: Zagorac – Budimir, Petković, Lešković, Shunjič, Dilaver, Kadzior

FC Spartak Trnava: Poor – Kadlec, Toth, Godal (K), Čonka – Greššák, Rada – Jirka, Skhirtladze, Čanturišvili – Ghorbani
Substitutes: Russians – Janso, Kulhanek, Yilmaz, Dangubić, Miesenboeck, Malecki

Judge: Boiko – Volodin, Slončak (UKR).

The fourth round of European group leader will play Spartak Trnava at the Maksimir Stadium against the Zagreb Arena. The match starts on Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 21.00.

The Trnavians were surprised by Anderlecht in Brussels, and in the lead of Mateja Oravca they won 1: 0. At the second match they played at Fenerbahce Istanbul 0: 2. Domestic team against Dinamo led 1-0 lead when Ali Ghorbani scored, but guests in Trnava finally they have won 2-1. In the second match, Gavranovic and Orsic achieved.

Trnava is in Group D in third place with three points, and the last Anderlecht with one point. Progressive positions are Dinamo (9 points) and Fenerbahce (4 points).

Sutek coach will not miss Marek Bakos except for the long-time injured Anton Slobodas, and Erik Grendel will not start. Fabian Miesenböck is ready to play.

Dinamo Zagreb

The hosts won the three previous European League games, first defeating Fenerbahce 4: 1, and then defeating 2-0 in Brussels. They also won the match at Trnava (2: 1).

The diners will definitely help sell the stadium, two domestic days have announced a full house. Only those sectors that are closed for the UEFA penalty will remain free.

Marin Leovac will not be there.

At the press before the match, home coach Nenad Bjelica said that winning, mood and atmosphere is supposed to be great. His guests spend the night before the duel in the hotel to avoid any disruption. He also showed that he was aware of the quality of Trnave, according to him, could torture several favorites.

The favorite is, of course, the host, the dynamic course is 1.25, Triumph of Trnava behind 14.50. The design can be tilted to the odds of 6.80. To win the match, he will receive € 570,000 and attract € 190,000.

Their league match before this duel was won as Trnavcans (home against Podbrezova 2: 0), as well as Dinamo 2-0 in Osijek.

The match is decided as chief referee Sergiy Boyko from Ukraine, and Volodymyr Volodin and Semjon Šlončak will work on that line.

Welcome to online transfer. The meeting starts at 21:00.

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