Wednesday , June 23 2021

Do you like the scent of a new car? Chinese do not hate it. Ford will therefore bake their cars

Ford Edge 2.0 TDCi

Who would not like the smell of a new car? The scent of car news is often a dream come true.

The scent of a new car can be written deeply into memory. It is often linked to the joyful moments of the first mile in the new dream car. It is true that car brands differ in the scent of news. We may all remember that they were "smoking" new Embéčky or Favority, and many of us also know how to smell a new BMW or other car to dream. Sometimes this is not really a pleasing smell, but when it comes to good feelings, someone likes it.

Each time you sit in a car, you want to smell a new smell. While in Europe and the United States this flavor is popular and people even buy car tastes with a new flavor, Chinese smell is considered a scent.

The result of the research is J.D. Strength. The smell of a new car is even the biggest problem in achieving customer satisfaction in China and is a double problem with the high use of cars.

Ford seeks to tackle this problem and solve it with a new approach, according to Detroit Free Press. The car has recently filed a patent in the US Patent Office specifically for such customer needs.

The process of removing the aroma of novelty in the car involves the baking of a just car. The manufacturer places a car on the sun, closes the windows, throws the heater up to the maximum and allows it to grow at least … so much that the novel aroma is suppressed.

The scent of news, of course, refers to the chemical components of leather, textiles, plastics and other components that have just been made, and are related to the adhesives used in the interior assembly and many others.

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