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Facebook offers teenagers 20 euros for their personal information

To, that Facebook Collecting and storing your data for three years is not surprising. This is another extreme! Juveniles have begun to spread an application that collects 20 euros of all possible information about your person.

Facebook a program called "Atlas Project"Users aged 13 to 25 years salary 20 € per monthif they install the application named Facebook research.

The problem is, however, that it will have almost the maximum access to your iOS or Android device for $ 20. This includes access to most private data (messages, photos, status).

Is this a "twin"?

The problem is that the application does not only collect Facebook and other information. So any photo in your gallery, email, web search or Amazon order, and even screenshots.

The app violates the application store rules

All of this information is automatically sent to Facebook servers. For iOS, the application was post-administrative TechCrunch banned when violated
Developer Policy. Apple's spokesman talked to the company TechCrunch that the app is "flagrantly violating their deal" with Facebook, and that's why Facebook used the right to distribute iOS internal apps.

The company used the Onavo Protect app that offered the VPN service before using Facebook research. But it is automatically disabled in iOS app store, but is still available in the Android Play store.

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