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Famous singer as a woman, almost naked naked and 86-year-old actress … You must see!

The times in which Sam Smith was talked about specifically about his work seems to be over. It’s been shocking lately how he presents himself. The successful singer has found a hobby in women's clothing and makeup. He openly says he had a problem with his sexual identity and was in therapy.

Many individuals have no understanding for Sam. However, many supporters have been found to support this. One form of support is the Attitude Person of the Year Award, which makes the famous singer happy. It is taken in lace-green ensemble and with perfect makeup on the face.

Sam Smith at the Attitude Awards.

Sam Smith

Source: profimedia.sk

But Sam Smith is not the only one who has enjoyed curious looks. The crowd was also taken care of by 31-year-old English singer Camilla Kerslake. The blonde showed off in a bold creation, the upper part of which was made of transparent material. Camilla thus revealed most of her body to those present. The long black skirt created an interesting contrast.

Camilla Kerslake showed herself in such a bold creation.

Camilla Kerslake

Source: profimedia.sk

Supporters of the LGBT community include singer Cheryl Cole and actress Joan Collins. The 86-year-old artist came to the event with her 54-year-old husband, Percy Gibson. During the evening, however, she also enjoyed the company of the singer. Two ladies were ready to pose for the current photographer. Looking at them sounds amazing that they are 50 years old. What you say?

Cheryl Cole and Joan Collins had a lot to say despite the gap of 50 years.

Cheryl Cole and Joan

Source: profimedia.sk

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