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Fireplaces were to be removed four years ago

The Municipality of Bratislava argues that the Old Town, which in turn indicates the municipality, should act.

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BRATISLAVA. For four years the authorities were unable to deal with unauthorized shadows in the center of Bratislava on the main square, burning in the middle and causing damage to one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Monuments in December 2014 decided that stalls should be removed before the Uherské bank in Art Nouveau. The city claims to have no authority.

The Regional Monument Authority filed a request with the City of Bratislava landowner and operator Roland Cafe, who stood in front of the stalls.

Who did not succeed?

"The call for removal of stalls has been given to the capital only by the attention of the competent construction body, which is the case with the office building of an old city building," says Zuzana Onufer, spokesman for the city.

Mayor of the Old Town Radoslav Števčík says he is the manager of the Main Square of the Municipality. "The building decides to independently remove the building, does not decide to remove the outdoors cabs, which the communications manager eliminated in the administrative procedure," he says.

Even the memorial office in the letter in December 2014 does not mention the office building of the old city core.

No permissions

The city admits it had a long-standing problem with the owner of the booth, as the booth partially hit the city.

Last week they talked to the speaker and invited him to move the stand. Last year, the owner gave the city a fine of a thousand euros, said Onufer.

However, the deputy of the Old Town of Matej Vagač, who commemorated the monument, said the surrounding monument should be protected within ten meters.

"The law forbids activities close to cultural monuments that could endanger monumental values," wrote Vagač, who will be the deputy city of December, as a replacement for the new mayor of Matusa Valla.

Since the authorities did not solve the problem four years ago, Vagac submitted further proposals last week.

He asked the landowners to order that the building be restored and imposed a fine on the owners of the booths. The Office of the Regional Monument did not find it solving the lawsuit. Although he had an official hour, no one heard the phone.

He was not the owner of Roland Cafe. The problem will be discussed later.

They did not pay, they had damages

The City Council also says that this year, even last year, craftsmen did not ask whether they could occupy the public space. They usually have to pay for it, but the municipality did not say whether they are looking for a payment. The permitted stalls must also comply with fire and safety regulations, have a fire extinguisher.

The fire occurred in the middle of the afternoon when the Christmas market is full of people. Firefighters say it began to emerge after the gas bomb's unobtrusive exchange from which the gas escaped. The markets were closed, visitors had to leave them, only one was injured. Damage to the building is estimated at about 200,000 euros, and static data on preliminary information were not disturbed.

The center of the city is not the only case when the owners of the company opened Christmas booths directly in front of the monumentally protected buildings.

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