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HC Slovan again lost the lead with two goals, Podlesky underwent a prolongation

today 19:50

Slovakian Bratislava hockey players played on Friday KHL match at Viťaza Podolsk 2: 3 after an extended game when they missed a two-goal lead.

The winner of the Podolsk – HC Slovan Bratislava can watch ONLINE at! >>

Lovers of Vladimir Orszagha have drawn a series of defeats to six, which is the most this season. In the Western Conference table, they have 23 "spotted" and rank 10th. Vítaz collected seven more and ninth more.

Slovan finishes a three-match series of rival opponents on Sunday, December 2 at 15.00 in Helsinki against Jokerit.

Podolsk – HC Slovan Bratislava 3: 2 pp (0: 1, 0: 1, 2: 0 – 1: 0)

Goals: 42. Confectionery, 50. Sjomin (Aaltonen, Stasenko), 65. Sjomin (Aalten, Ortio) – 10. Crven (Meszaros), 29. Crvena (Řepík, Gelinas)

They have decided: Lavrentjev, Oskirko – Majtak, Sadovnikov, exclusion: 0: 4, forces play: 1: 0, weakness: 0: 0, 2835 spectators


Viťaz Podoľsk: Ortio – Jepisin, Golovkov, Katicev, Mozak, Stasenko, Jevsejenkov, Romanov – Svec-Rogovoy, Kokarev, Hrivik – Stoljarov, Sjomin, Aaltonen – Nikulin, Makeev, Rendulic – Vyglazov, Potechin, Mojseev

Slovan Bratislava: Štěpánek – Sersen, Janosik, Klok, Grman, Bačik, Gelinas, Meszaros – Red, Skeel, Řepík – Lunter, Taffe, Jeglič – Rau, Bailey, Liška – Sloboda, Chipchura, Hrnka

Slovan had to defend the domestic audience in the first minute, but managed to defeat, and in the next few minutes he was more active on ice. 9 minutes into the game, Meszároš had a free kick in the attack, but the referee was cleared but the shot went wide. Belasians, however, confirmed their domination in 24 seconds later. Meszaros's blow of blue bounced on the red bar and he wore a pucket in the unbroken net while Ortio failed to move – 0: 1. Then the game moved from side to side and played without interruption in seven minutes and 21 seconds. At the end of the third opening, Jeglik had a chance but Ortia did not stop.

In the second part he checked the goalkeeper Taffe, as Štěpánek did well. The Slovan dropped to four in 26 minutes and Vítaz could drop. In two excellent cases found Aaltonen, but advised the "belasých" goalkeeper. Slovan hit the second time for 29 minutes and again from Red Sticka. This is a great break from Řepík – 0: 2. In the next few minutes the pace dropped and came again without interruption. In the 38th minute, it seems that the Sweatshirt was the fastest in the region after it came out.

The home team came 42 minutes after Grman scored a goal, which made the situation unpleasant when he turned down and Makeev's special run on Stepanek turned – 1: 2. Players of Vítaz came to the horses and took over the initiative, the goalkeepers "belasých" went one after another attack and made some major interventions. With 50 minutes played, Sjomina put themselves up 2 – 2 after an attack from the right, caused by a defensive blunder.

Doubt came to overtime in which he decided to win in the 4th to 3rd Sjomina.



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