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He waited: You'll find stories already on YouTube

YouTube streams

King of the internet video, the YouTube server, following the pattern of other socially-tuned digital services, triggers stories, a feature of popular stories. Later she popularized Snapchat stolen downloaded Instagram, Facebook and so on.

YouTube stories, or if you like, YouTube stories are not an absolute novelty of a known video platform. The creators launched a feature like Reel last year. I can only use a very narrow group of popular content creators.

YouTube stories will be slightly different from those that scream at Instagram. Verge explains that they can only consist of users, channels with 10,000 or more subscribers.

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It will not disappear after 24 hours, but until after 7 daysThe second difference is the reach of the audience. They can also be shown to people who do not belong to the author of the narrator.

For example, content creators will be able to communicate with fans, display background footage, or simply prepare shorter, but more authentic messages.

The online community has so far appreciated the news, despite the fact that it immediately decided to use a relatively large group of authors. Although stories can testify to Instagram and other platforms, the YouTube link is not so natural.

However, the trend of social platforms is clear and we can not avoid the story.

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