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How to get the cheapest car? This will save you thousands of euros

No matter how intense the issue of the future of passenger traffic is, most adults still face the question of purchasing a new car. A wide variety of solutions are possible: credit, operating or financial leasing. Each of these methods of buying a car has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes the differences seem to be minimal, but the average person also takes care of the little things.

In Slovakia, we often ask ourselves about the issue of car ownership, but in the business sector of western countries, this question has long been answered and resolved. The vast majority of legal entities already provide fleet purchase and management services in the form of rental cars or operating leases. Same as in Slovakia.

As businesses no longer need to own vehicles, it becomes more and more attractive to rent them. If you are asking why, here are some of the most important reasons.

It's always about money

If you are buying a vehicle at a convenience store, you will need to make a down payment on your purchase. This is about 20 to 30 percent of the total cost of the vehicle. However, a significant number of companies do not have such assets, which opens the door for them to consider renting. At the time of the lease, the guarantee will be paid the least or the deposit will be returned at the end of the lease. The value of this deposit is only a fraction of the down payment required to make the purchase. However, there are companies that do not require any upfront payment.

In this way, saved money can be invested in various projects, while the cash flow remains stable. For individuals, saving is even more important as it can be invested in hobbies such as travel or adventure, education or used for savings.

The installment amount during the lease is far from covering the purchase value of the vehicle. So you pay a lot less for the vehicle only when you use it. When you return it, you stop paying.

Renting a car also saves a lot of time and paperwork. The owner must register their vehicle, arrange insurance, pay taxes or vignettes. And he has just as much administration and effort to sell. When you rent, the bureaucracy is disproportionately smaller – the company provides the service, just hand over the car keys and you no longer have to worry. All fees, taxes and charges are calculated in one amount. In addition, this case is a tax deduction. For businesses, something their financiers will surely appreciate.

The clear benefit of renting is that, with the addition of fuel, one monthly installment contains almost all the costs associated with normal operation of the vehicle. In addition, it is ancillary service, inspection, seasonal shifting and storage of tires or paid annual mileage. It's hard to find something that unpleasantly surprises you.

The biggest disadvantage of conventional operating leasing is its long-term commitment, which is too binding on people. Renting a car for a longer period is therefore an ideal alternative. (photo: Skoda Auto)

Connections or freedom?

For many, the longest relationship was the biggest problem. Operating leases are typically concluded for three to five years. Business is usually not a problem, but it is literally related to young and active people.

But the Slovak market today offers solutions that do not require such an enormously long commitment, which may be the most convincing factor for the above mentioned active people, to whom change and travel are an integral part of life. Just 12 months tied up, the price that competes with operating rental prices, all the services you need included in the rental price, the flexibility and freedom to decide whether to continue with another vehicle – these are the strongest arguments in favor of long-term rental.

In addition to the list of benefits, you should immediately add a selection of cars in high quality equipment with rich extras, powerful motoring and accessibility.

Today, the range of cars is extremely diverse, but they are always high quality vehicles with higher performance and good performance. (Photo: AVIS Maxirent)

Everything is in favor of renting

So what's the short answer to the question of how to get a new vehicle? Let the professionals take care of you and enjoy the freedom of renting a car.

Saving money is not only theoretical, but you remain literal and practical.

Personally, I recently took a Skoda Octavia Combi. It has 184 horsepower, 4×4 drive, huge inboard navigation and a virtual cockpit, and I can pack two families in the trunk. And all for a great meal. Don't believe it? See for yourself

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