Saturday , September 18 2021

Interesting speech by Fr. Ján Kuciak

Their only offense was to seek the truth. Investigative journalist Jana Kuciak († 27), who together with fiancé Martín Kušnířov († 27) performed in a family home in Veľká Mač in February, valued Zlatu Viktoria for her work with the German media award.

The award in the category of media freedom has gradually won the Daphne Caruan Galicia († 53), a Maltese journalist, who also killed for journalistic work. They came to Berlin to receive the award of their parents John and mother Martine. Both murdered journalists were respected in Berlin on Monday night in the presence of hundreds of guests, including Angela Merkel's German office (64), who also won the award for the spread of German goodwill in the world.

Viktor Kill of murdered journalists took over during the long, minutes of applause of the audience in relatives. "That means a lot to us, and a lot means for freedom of the press, "he said. said the father of murdered journalist Ján Kuciak Jozef. "We would rather be with our children, Christmas is coming," said Zlatica Kušnírová, the mother of the murdered Kuciak girl Martina.

The award is presented by the organization of German publishers of the VDZ magazine. Merkel recognized two investigators as an important signal in Europe. "No one of us who feels attached to democratic values ​​and human rights can and can not accept journalists who cast, threaten or even attack," Merkel added.

Award for prize

Joseph Kuciak, father Ján Kuciak

On behalf of our entire family and family Kušnírov we thank all publishers not only for our son's award, but especially because journalists of free newspapers were the ones who supported and supported us most in this difficult period after the death of our children. Our fight is far from fighting. While police have found killers, traders and people who cover them for years are still not known.

The relationship that appears among the major suspects and top politicians in our country is terrible. We are rightly concerned not only with ourselves but with justice. In our situation, the man is slowly saying that the children have taught justice. I believe you will be with us all the way. One of the pillars of democracy is a free publisher, and I hope every honest journalist will help fight windmills.

Even though our dear are not coming back, we owe them. They did not die because of self-sufficiency and their own benefits, but because of the good things that, unfortunately, played for a long time with lots of money. All present and honest journalists and all the people who know the truth can not silence and help us, I want to thank you very much for your heart.

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