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It's the second generation, but it's not all up to that point

The first generation of the 3-axis MDI mechanical stability stabilizer has been rated as the best available in the market. This device worked great, and we expect an even greater shift from the second generation! Are our expectations fulfilled?

Yes, of course. First of all, this is a price that is shocking when it is launched and is still excellent. Just for comparison, the current price of the first generation is 199 Eur. Osmo Mobile 2 costs 119 EurIt's interesting, but it has its own meritNow let's go to the device itself. DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is a high-end three-axis stabilizer with powerful motors and multi-sensors that provide perfect video stabilization in every situation. The new construction is made of high strength composite materials, which also achieves weight reduction from the predecessor – 16 grams. From the point of view of design and control, design is almost identical to the first generation, but changes have been made.

Differences and news

The unit is even harder, but there is some primitive processing that immediately knows. Also, the first generation had other smartphone holders. In our opinion, it was better because they had a separate bolt with which the jaws were pulled out. The second generation has self-tapping jaws holding the phone very well, but it's a bit harder to put up and pick it up. A new type of jaw can be created to capture video or photos horizontally and vertically, which has not been possible so far. Insert the various 58.6 x 85mm wide units into the holder. We used Osmo in combination with the iPhone 8 Plus without any problems.

"DJI Osmo Mobile 2 weighs 485 grams and measures 295 x 113 x 72 mm."

Another change, now better, is the battery. Although it is integrated, it has more capacity, better endurance, and even can be used with this device, for example, a built-in smartphone. Serves as an energy bank – on the backside there is a USB-A connector instead of a USB-A control. Since the battery is integrated, a 1/4 tilt clearance is created at the bottom. The previous generation had a conical side gear, which was not practical at all times.

"With the wheel it works great, but you have to learn it and remember the maximum limit of rotation. If you do not respect the boundaries, the result will be good."

Changes also occurred in controls that partially changed the position but also the functionality. You can once again use the main button (M) also configure camera and camera settings. It also serves as a power button (long hold). Of course, keeping control (direction) of the steering column and slider in the side wall, which moves from right to left. Served as a power supply unit, now has a zoom function (zoom).

On the right is the microUSB connector through which only the device is powered. The Li-Po battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh and lasts about 13 to 15 hours. This is a real shift compared to the predecessor, with an average of 3 to 4 hours, although the removable battery had significant advantages. Charge up to full capacity takes about 2 hours.

To get the most out of your DJ Osmo Mobile 2, you will need a DJI Go application that's free for free iOS and Android devices.

The upgrade is also given to this application, which is sophisticated and more stable in the current version. Osmo 2 offers new ways of moving on motion and time – Motion Timelapse and Hyperlaps along with this application. But there are also classic ways – Light path (capturing light with long exposure), Control zoom (continuous motion), Slow (slower shots) and of course a great active song (Tracking a marked object). There is also a feature of direct video upload on social networks – Facebook, YouTube and so on.

Take photos and record videos in normal or PRO mode, where you can set up all the details according to the idea. There is also no HDR mode and panoramic photo creation (180 ° = 5 images / 330 ° = 7 frames / spatial photos = 9 images) that consist of multiple images. In this case, care should be taken to move people and objects that can distort the image.

Experiences and impressions of the actual operation DJI Osmo Mobile 2

The second generation is great! Osmo perfectly stabilizes the images created by the built-in device, but you have to learn how to work with it. It is necessary to understand that Osmo does not work wonders, but if you live, the result will be worth it. The pair is less technically and user-friendly. The processing and operation of the stabilizer are at a high level and are not afraid to say that they are among the best in the market. Although there is strong competition in this segment.

If you frequently record movies or record photos and want to move at least one level, Osmo Mobile 2 is just for you. It is also an excellent place for travelers or journalists / journalists. Mobile photos and videos have been so good that these outputs are also useful for professional purposes. So if you need to perfectly stabilize recordings that will look professional, Osmo has meaning. However, understand that this is not the smallest day-today portable object, which may be limiting.

It is added that Osmo Mobile 2 could be delivered with a practical travel box that would be compact and durable. What Osmo Mobile 2 gets is a sales package / case, not a trip. Many users misunderstand it and call it impractical, which is not because its function is completely different. An excellent travel and durable travel case is> THIS. If you are looking for an ordinary case, you may want to> THIS.

The device is leased to the company: www.dronerepublic.sk

Price of the object: 119 Eur

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