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Jan Kozák speaks openly about Stoch, Shakki or Hapal: I want Slovak football to go

For a month now, the extranet of the Slovak republic Ján Kozák uses his retirement. It is a pleasant time to use sports and golf with friends. He is not planning to return to the soccer carousel, but he carefully follows the action. He did not miss the first nomination of his successor Pavel Hapal, who in the past again called for the Miroslav Stoch team. The 60-year-old Matejovic of Hornad, in an extensive interview in Košice, discovered what he thinks about resonant resonance topics in Slovak football.

Because your resignation from the trainer's position has expired for almost a month. Do not you like this decision?
Ján Kozák:
"There's a lot of things to do in life, life is soccer for me all my life If I did not, I would not move football anymore People who did not have the permission Even without them you can play soccer, is possible without everyone, but if you want to be the best in Europe, you have to be the best players from Slovakia, there are four of them without which football would not be. "" I did what I did, but it's hard to live today, but it can live. "

Are you angry at the party of seven offenders?
"They are very talented boys who have done so for the first time. They are not as impeccable as they say, some of them have problems at the age of 21. Two cases of such a young age are enough to be warned for the future, they have huge talent, and after experienced players such as Škrtel, Hamšík, Pekarík, Hubočan, Nemec or Kucka, they should take responsibility for the Slovak football, the talents have, one thing to say, something else, they have the quality, but public pressure will be great. We will see how they fit. "

Pavel Hapal
Pavel Hapal replaced Czechoslovakia as Cossack, although he preferred his assistant Stefan Tarkovic (photo: TASR)

Coach Pavel Hapal replaced you. You personally prefer your assistant Stefan Tarkovic …
"The president's decision is also, he certainly knows what he is doing, the time will show the rightness of the decision, you know, in soccer you can talk about everyone, but the results are decisive, especially in this forum, coaches are not easy, the job is evaluated only by results. good, you have succeeded, if they are not good, unsuccessful, this is a tough job, I will retain my new coach, I like Slovak football, I want to go to the championship to create a happy atmosphere, and if I succeed I will be happy. "

Hapal coach said he would want to talk to you and get some insight. Have you already heard?
"I did not talk to him, but I do not see the reason to talk to each other, each coach has his own idea of ​​the team's composition, the way of the game, and when I was in the office, I did not even pray to Mass Hippo or Stan Grigo, although we have good relationships. information then it can be a good thing. "

Miroslav Stoch returns to the national team after your departure. What do you think of that?
"Everyone has a different opinion, I removed him after the fourth case, which happened during my time at the national team, already crossing the border, I'm a type of person who does not rust after the first case, I give people a chance, especially when they are young and do not think I think it will use it and help with Slovakian representation. It will show you a lot of time, but I hope it has a different view of life, married, my family. Stabilized, so I believe it will help the Slovakian representation. "

After the departure of Kozak the team returned Miroslav Stoch (photo: TASR)

The lawyer was also the young defender Ľubomír Šatka, who recently participated in a night incident in Bratislava. What do you think of that?
"When I found out, I was sad, disappointed, he showed enormous potential, pulled him out of the Dunes Road, these things will go with him, however, it's harmful." He gets under tremendous pressure, and I do not know him so well to know how he can work under pressure, but that's one of those guys who could help the Slovak football. "

Some media said the taxi was not on the bench. Are they just stupid words?
"Ask players to ask … Man has to laugh with similar words The big team was created in the national team Maybe some people close to some young players did not treat me as a trainer Maybe they are interested in someone else But I've never had a problem I know how to talk to them, how to influence them, things that are not based on truth. Truth is the news I got from the player after my departure, not the stuff that someone puts in the air just to things would have been removed from the road. "

In her first nomination, Pavel Hapal made only minimal changes in your last one. Were you surprised by the name of a player?
"I have already said at the last press conference that there are a number of players in Slovakia who meet the criteria of the MP, not much, I said I can not happen to someone I would not recognize, or I would not realize that it has quality representation. I knew from "twenty units" and we have still pulled Vavra, Benas and Rodak, in the introductions the only new player is Miňo Stoch, all the other players who still have the idea of ​​what to give, so they are in the nomination. surprised. "

Ján Kozák
Coach trainers went out well, the talk of the conspiracy in the math cabin from Matejovic over Hornado resolutely refused (photo: TASR)

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