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Kisk wants to marry in Marrakesh, he just wants courage – Dennik N

News of that day was selected and commented by Konstantin Chikovsky

1. Lajčák may be a minister

As soon as Miroslav Lajcak announced the news that he was Minister of Foreign Affairs, he decided to explain everything to his friend from Poprad Andrej Kiska to the Presidential Palace.

The outcome of their talks was that the Foreign Minister officially resigned to the president on Friday morning. From the constitutional point of view of Lajcak's fate was only in Kiskov practical.

From Friday morning, Lajcak has no chance of withdrawing his resignation. However, the President can not accept his resignation. Of course, this will only happen if Lajčák finally wants to remain a minister, and at the same time seems to be a sensible solution for the president. (detailed development scenarios were written by Miro Kern)

Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini has no right to leave Lajcak for resignation because he simply has nothing to do with the constitution. Pellegrini knows this, and his statement on Friday morning that he does not agree with the legacy of Lajcakové is just a gesture of respect for his colleague.

That gesture is sincere. Pellegrini is nervous about the idea that his governmental cell of silent anti-Soviet resistance will come in just a few months not only for Finance Minister Kažimir (NBS), but for Lajčák.

What would have to happen to Miroslav Lajcak, he scared the embarrassment of Marrakesh losing not only Fico and Danko, but Blaha and Hrnko?

A coward needs many people to look for and entertain themselves about what a skilled diplomat is and what a shame if we did not have them at the OSCE presidency this year. This role of the petitioner, Pellegrini, was elegantly successful on Friday.

It does not have to be enough.

Lajcák would be willing to stay and swallow the humiliation this week, if the Slovak diplomacy was somehow represented on Monday in Marrakesh.

Lajčák and Pellegrini adhere to cultural cultures and are opposed to Parliament's recommendations. However, there is still the possibility that no lower official will attend a conference or send a letter or something else.

Or he will set the head of Andrew Kiska, and he will assume the office of Foreign Minister in Marrakech.

Hearts say it's necessary to go there. Andrej Kiska has the right to take part in a conference in Marrakesh on December 11 without seeking permission from parliament or government.

Kiska would not have the mandate to sign the UN agreement in Marrakesh on behalf of Slovakia but could put Slovakian status in line with Lajcak's plan.

If this is Kishko's point of view, he would have married Marrakesh or sent someone out of his office. Therefore, he is seriously considering this possibility.

Andrej Kiska is a former economic migrant. Before he got wealth in Poprado, he had pumped the pump in the Americas as east to the east.

Andrej Kiska is a person who has the gift of spreading emotions, but is one of the most responsible politicians. That is why it must be irritated by the use of unnecessary frustration in the UN indecent document in Central Europe.

If Kiska calculates and will be worried for a few percent of popularity in Marrakech, it will stay at home.

However, if he says that this is the situation when he should behave as a leader, he is promised on Tuesday he will marry for Marrakesh.

2. Pellegrini clearly showed that Fico did not want to

Despite intense talks between President Kisk, Foreign Minister Lajcak and Prime Minister Pellegrini, there is a possibility that Lajcak will leave, still large.

Prime Minister Pellegrini must consider at the weekend the possibility for him to be recruited by the Foreign Office of Foreign Affairs Robert Fico.

I would like it very much. There is no doubt about the good taste of having a good office again.

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