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Martin Chudý enjoys a clean run against Anderlecht: Herne was the best of all in the group

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Spartaka Trnava Spaniard Martin Chudý has so far won two net accounts at the 2018/2019 European Championship Group stage. He did not join in the two matches against Anderlecht Bruxelles, who, after the band was part of the group, was the favorite D-group.

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However, the reality was different. The Belgian team is in five laps in the last quarter. Martin Chudý played a significant role in winning four points in Trnava in a two-legged game with Anderlecht. His "zero" at home helped close the 1: 0 triumph, with drawings in Brussels at 0-0 draw.

"I always appreciate a clean shield, which is a merit of the whole team, and the guys again defended themselves as well as the first match, but the opponent did not give up on the chance. We have good results. I would like to mention this, " Martin Chudy admitted after the meeting.

A win against a good opponent on his ground, Martin Chudý, is a pleasure, but he regrets that Trnava has lost hope for progress. He decided for another goalless result in a parallel match between Fenerbahce Istanbul and Dinamo Zagreb, who turned the Turkish team into the next stage of the second most prestigious European club competition.

"Drawing is fair in the course of the game, we will probably end up in third place, which is not a bad result, but I'm sorry that this is the case, and I believe that the results will be generated, after which the decision was made in the final game against Fenerbahce.We can not be disappointed, but we could risk it, because the drawing really does not solve anything for us.The victory would be more valuable, said the 29-year-old goalkeeper.

goalkeeper Trnavy Martin Chudý gives an interview

goalkeeper Trnavy Martin Chudý gives an interview

Source: TASR

Fighter Považská Bystrice claims Spartak, despite losing the opportunity to move to the next stage of the European League, will try to succeed in the final against the Istanbul team, which will be held on December 13 at 21.00 at the Anton Malatinský Trnava Stadium.

"We will get the best of it, it would be nice to have seven points in the table, I believe the stadium will be sold out, and if we succeed, we will note the history of Slovak and Slovak football.

We have nothing to lose and we want to win, although it's a favorite opponent and that's why we have to be careful. They have some progress, they can come with a modified set and we can win. It would be a nice place in the fall, " said Martin Chudý.

The Slovenian defensive pole has found an interesting comparison between Spartacus and the Belgian team. "Herne is Anderlecht perhaps the best of all the teams we have in the group, but he has failed, and our team plays well against such teams. they punished us for bread, which was our strong side last year. Today is soccer.

He also played Zagreb Dinamo, who finished first in the group. They have excellent defenses and always get a break or standard. They are so sovereign in the group. I think this is the most effective system. The exception is just Manchester City teams who have extraordinary players, " Trnava thought.



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