Saturday , January 23 2021

Mayor Vallo: What do I do first in Bratislava?

Visible tired, tired but happy! This is the new mayor of Bratislava, Matus Vallo (41), during the first after-election interview for New Time.

What will be the first steps after taking over the office and who can cooperate? What would change capital first?

This is a clear result for your benefit, with about 22,000 votes. Did you expect to be closer?

– Yes, we definitely expected to be closer. This clear result is presented as an expression of Bratislav's self-confidence in our team and plan.

At what moments did you realize that you could really come out?

– It is said that if you lose 15% of the vote, the result can not be changed. When it was about 20% already, we said that we could, and then, inviting their congratulatory candidates, I believed we had.

Has Mr. Nesrovnal offered help from you?

"Mr. Nesrovnal has a style, he offered me an agreement on when the office would take over the job. I also offered my hand at the beginning of my mandate, which I greatly appreciated.

Will the Office take over before the last possible 30th day?

– We agreed to call and agree on Monday.

What are your first steps in the office?

– As for the first steps, I certainly want to get acquainted with newly elected MPs and mayors and agree on the way of working together. Priority will also be given to the position of a senior traffic engineer who has long been free. I also want to start building the Bratislava City Institute as an institution that will have a strong voice in the development of the city. I also want to reach an agreement with members so we can finally set up a parking policy in life.

You mentioned the revision. Can you expect extensive staff changes?

– I'll be careful in this answer. We have a month to come to the office. Anyway, we will try to undoubtedly change the proportions of the City Hall, so that the Germans do not feel it. Open the gallery

What do you do with the Office?

– We're doing the first day. Today, from the eight legs, a lot of robots are waiting to start with what I'm talking about the whole campaign. The meetings and negotiations on how the forces will be destroyed in the city council can begin immediately in principle.

Can you imagine a co-operation with your opponent?

"I do not think some of them run for council, so it's probably worthless. But from the first day or tomorrow, we want to start negotiations with people elected to the city council and want to form force in the council that will really fight for better Bratislawa.

The success of your election was your brother, he came to the city council. Is not your sister important to politics?

– No, she did not like it (laughs). Brother, despite being a doctor, has always been engaged and always interested in how the city is changing and shaping. This is a natural continuation of activist activity.

Your Para band has a song I'm abstinent. Is that part of you?

– Yes, that's a lot about me. I wrote the text. Continuous, though I do not have to. It is about people who are abstaining from lies, corruption, etc. I think the text is clear.

How will you continue working with your group?

– I think the hobby is a very important thing for everyone. Especially for people who are the main day of the day in a certain number, it is important to have some hobbies. I'm planning to continue this lovely hobby. When I win in elections and become a mayor, Bratislava will be absolutely the main thing for me.

When you talk about a hobby, you have a dog, you have not neglected it even on the day of choice. How will it be?

– Foxynka is not a hobby, a family member who can clearly seek and win their rights. Walking with a dog in nature sounds easy, but that's a great thing. I also like to go to the Carpathians.

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