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Microsoft will deliver hundreds of millions of dollars to HoloLens US Army

The army demanded functions in addition to night vision, thermovision, or stroke measurements.

Microsoft and its HoloLens have won US $ 480 million ($ 422 million) of the expanding backbone for US soldiers, according to Bloomberg.

Apart from training and training, this device is also planned to be deployed in combat operations. Goggles gives more information to soldiers and helps in quick decisions.

With intelligent glasses, both Google and Intel tried it without much success.

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HoloLens will get a special adaptation for military purposes. The US military demanded a night vision, thermovision, vital function measurement, noise tracking, and hearing protection. In addition to Microsoft, there were several companies, including Magic Leap.

First part to two years

The first delivery of Enhanced Reality sets will take place within two years of two hundred and fifty pieces. The army could eventually buy up to hundreds of Redmond units.

Headsets are available to application developers.

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Meanwhile, "only" fifty thousand HoloLens have been sold, said Alex Kipman, a technology expert in real-world reality. For this reason, a military contract is one of the key.

Next year, however, we should look for an improved version of the public that is called HoloLens 2.

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