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Milan Rúfus's poetry in costumes. A book from which radiates nobility and beauty – Book – Culture

21.11.2018 07:00

Poetry in costumes / Poems in poetry

Presentation of Poetry / Poetry Poetry.


On the occasion of the late 90th birthday of the Slovak poet Milan Roussof, a unique book was published that is joy for both spirit and eyes.

Poetry in garter / Kroje v poézii "data-original ="

Costume Design / Kroje v

Author: IKAR

Book called poetry
in costumes / Kroje v poézii
is based on limited load and
in the original graphic format.

Several famous celebrities, such as Lúčnice Marián, have led to life
Turner, music composer Ľubica Čekovská, actor and rector Štefan
Bucko, Roman Catholic priest Ján Sucháň, or Magda Rúfusová, wife
a cult poet.

"The book offers Slovak costumes for timeless art photography
and poetry that never stumbles. This exclusive publication is a celebration
the genius of the Slovak people and the artistic talent of poet Milan Rúfus, "
Gabriela Belopotock from the Ikar publishing house said.

See the report from the book

"Milan was an ideal person who did not suffer from the wind and lived
life. I'm happy to live a life just next to this
man, "Magdalena Rufus recalled.

Štefan Bučko and Magdalena Rúfusová on the ... "data-original =" Magdalena-rufus-nestandard1.jpg

Stefan Bucko and Magdalen
Rúfusová on Baptism Poetry in Costumes / Poems in Poetry.

Dušan Kittler / IKAR

Photographer Peter Brenkus, author of photography
the passion is photography of the dance, actors of classical music and folklore. his
you can enjoy the photography literally and the strength of its artistic testimony is brilliant
augmented with beautiful verses about truth, beauty, home, and love.

The book of poetry in costumes / Kroes in poetry includes screening on screen
Audience Odd to Beauty was released in June this year and has become her
Slovak bestsellers. She has offered over a hundred costume variations
945 color photographs of folk culture from 19 different regions

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