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Monica Filipov is one hundred world leaders ahead of the apolitical organization

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BRATISLAVA. Interior Minister and Chief of Civil Society Service (OZ) Good Minister Monika Filipová is on the list of 100 future world leaders.

"London Apolitik has included our colleague Monica Filipov on the list of the 100 most influential young people in public administration in the world." Monika was on the list of Head of Department of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, and at the same time with a good director, "said Martin Firák of this civic association.

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She criticized Kaliňák

At the Ministry of the Interior, Philip was also active at a time when Robert Kaliňák was still head of department. In an interview for January N, Kaliňák criticized his case and said he should retire from his job.

"(Kaliňák) only causes people who are hoping for justice and responsibility to lose hope and confidence, people are extremely frustrated, feel that everything can happen here without any responsibility," the official said in an interview.

Kaliňák resigned in March 2018 after the murder of journalist Jane Kuciak and his fiancé Martine Kušnířová.

Public Administration and East Studies

As a lawyer, Filipova focuses mainly on public administration, and focuses on eastern studies aimed at Taiwan. "We expect to hear Monica even in a different context from a good OZ officer," Firaci added.

A policy is an international network that focuses on addressing problems in public administration. It has a rank of politicians, politicians and officials under the age of 35 who have great potential to change positively in the future.

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