Tuesday , May 18 2021

Nissan has introduced a longer period of LEAF and greater performance

Nissan LEAF 3.ZERO

Nissan introduced the new Nissan LEAF 3.ZERO with extended range and new LEAF e + 3.ZERO with higher performance.

The new Nissan LEAF is the best-selling electric car in Europe in 2018 with over 40,000 vehicles shipped across the continent. Nissan LEAF, which has sold more than 380,000 units worldwide, remains the best-selling electric vehicle in the world since its launch in 2010. Nissan continues to develop a successful LEAF electric vehicle. He introduced two versions of LEAF 3.ZERO. Both models can be ordered from January 9, 2019.

The new Nissan LEAF 3.ZERO has an 8-inch information and entertainment system display that is convenient for connectivity services, such as detailed navigation. There is also a brand new and improved NissanConnect EV application. The new LEAF 3.ZERO is equipped with a battery of 40 kWh and has new body color and two color combinations of colors.

Limited edition of Nissan LEAF e + 3.ZERO Limited Edition, introduced in Japan and has not appeared at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, will only be 5000 in Europe. It has a higher power of 160 kW (215 hp), and the expected range is – up to 385 km per charge. Based on the new LEAF e + 3.ZERO Limited Edition there is a battery that uses smart power technology. It has 25% higher density and 55% more capacity. Thanks to innovative design and subtle engineering, a new battery pack of 288 cells instead of 192, which is in the version of 40 kWh, has a new battery.

By the way, the new Nissan LEAF e + 3.ZERO Limited Edition comes with 62 kWh of the new LEAF 3.ZERO Limited Edition 40% longer than the new LEAF 3.ZERO, which is equipped with 40 kWh battery. This means a clear shift in the Nissan LEAF and in practice it represents an additional 100 km comparable use.

The new LEAF 3. ZERO models have e-Pedal and ProPILOT. These critical intelligent driving technologies enhance driving experience. The e-Pedal technology gives you the ability to accelerate, slow down and stop just by using the accelerator pedal. The ProPILOT is an advanced management system that works when driving in one rack. "Hands-on, eye-on" system allows the car to stop, restart and remain on its belt at higher speeds, even in low-cost situations. This technology reduces stress and fatigue during driving.

Nissan gives the eight-year / 160,000-km battery warranty in the new LEAF 3.ZERO and LEAF 3.ZERO Limited Edition models, all other Nissan LEAF versions.

The price of the new Nissan LEAF 3.ZERO ranges from 39,000 euros, while LEAF e + 3.ZERO Limited Edition will be available for 44,750 euros. Both of these limited versions have very rich standard equipment.

European buyers who want to order one of the models can show their interest on the Internet or visit one of the 2,000 Nissan dealers in Europe. The first deliveries of the new Nissan LEAF 3.ZERO will be held in May 2019 with the LEAF e + 3 model. ZERO Limited Edition will be available in the summer of 2019.

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