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Oil prices fell by the end of the week, gold has also fallen

Oil light oil fell 0.8 percent.

November 11, 2018 at 15:32 SITA

NEW YORK. Oil prices dropped at the end of the week. Oil light oil fell 0.8 percent.

It has been down for five weeks and closed at $ 60.19 per barrel on Friday, the lowest in nearly eight months. Oil Brent, whose price serves as an international reference price, fell by 0.7 percent to $ 70.20 per barrel.

Wholesale gasoline sales in the US market fell by 1.4 percent to $ 1.62 per gallon, and fuel oil stagnates at $ 2.17 per gallon.

The prices of precious metals on Friday have also declined.

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Gold fell by 0.3 percent and closed at $ 1.206.60 per ounce. Silver dropped by 2 percent to $ 14.14 per ounce.

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