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ONLINE: SSC Napoli – Paris Germain 1: 1

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06. 11. 2018, 21:00


0: 1

Stadio San Paolo, Naples


Goals: 62. L. Insignia (pencil) – 45 + 1. Bernat. YC: 45 +3. Rui (NEA) – 30. Mbappé (PSG), 33. Kehrer (PSG), 89. Verratti (PSG), 90 + 1. Neymar (PSG).

NIT nomination:

Ospina – Nikola Maksimović (77th Hysaj), Albiol, Koulibala, Rui-Allan, Hamšík (C), Ruiz (71st P. Zieliński) – Callejón, D. Mertens (82nd Ounas), L. Insigne.

List of PSGs:

Buffon – Kehrer (90 + 2 Choupo-Moting), Silva (C), Marquinhos, Bernat-Meunier (73th Kimpembe), Draxler, Verratti, Di María (78th Cavani) – Mbappé, Neymar.


The match between Italian Napoli and French PSG did not have a winner. Leaders have taken the lead, but only for the goal Bernat from the first half he managed to respond to the clock game from the penalty area Lorenzo Insigne. After that, the two teams played safe and the drawing was obvious honest results.

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90 + 2 min

Paris Saint-Germain: Thilo Kehrer comes from Eric Choupo-Moting.

90 + 1 min

Yellow card gets Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain).

90 min

The referee adds another four minutes to the match.

89 min

Yellow card for Marco Verratti (Paris Saint-Germain).

88 min

This time Hamsik illegally stopped Neymar, and the ball remains in power in Paris.

87 min

Veratti unlawfully acted in the Insignia duel – a direct hit to Naples.

86 min

On the other hand, he fired from volleyball, but his attempt could not endanger Buffon's goal.

85 min

Mbappé had an excellent chance to win but did not score an opponent.

84 min

The Paris players are on their half and are waiting for a good chance to threaten Ospin.

82 min

Replacement in SSC Napoli: Dries Mertens leaves Adam Ounas.

81 min

He is paradoxically a Belgian player on the lawn, and his appearance at the meeting today seems to be over.

80 min

Mertens obviously defeated Kimpembe in the air and the ball to the guests.

79 min

Zielinski searched the Insignia, but this time did not work.

78 min

Far to the Paris Saint-Germain team: Ángel Di María comes from Edinson Cavani.

77 min

Replacement in SSC Napoli: Nikola Maksimović left Elseid Hysaj.

76 min

Bernat broke the penetrating Callejon and the ball to Naples.

75 min

Neymar was supposed to shoot but this time he managed to stop the defense of Naples.

74 min

Insigne got a nice opportunity to do the ball away to give the ball to a corner.

73 min

In Paris Saint-Germain: Thomas Meunier comes from Presnel Kimpembe.

72 min

Bernat fell through the box, but the referee was sent off.

71 min

Replacement in SSC Napoli: Fabián Ruiz leaves Piotr Zieliński.

70 min

Even the game stays twenty minutes plus some additions. Will we then win the winning goal on both sides?

68 min

Carefully focused on Bernat, but his center on a distant stump did not reach Meunier.

67 min

Mertens is guilty of Veratti's offense, so the PSG players are ahead of time.

66 min

Bernat got a good position in the middle but finally worked in defensive Maksimovich.

65 min

After more than one hour of the game we have a balanced result. It should be noted that Naples deserves a scoring for the game in the second part of the game.

63 min

Check after the missed ball is sent to the sign and the ball again for the Italian team.

62 min

Napoli scored a goal!
Lorenzo Insigne was the shooter. Buffon's blow, but balanced.

61 min

Callejon fell to sixteen and after he took a penalty kick!

60 min

After an hour of playing, Bernat Neymara found himself, but his head moved to Ospina's space.

59 min

Mertens also tried it, but this time he was in the middle of the door, and Buffon was in a good mood.

57 min

Buffon had to intervene. Allan was sixth in the sixth, but could not bypass the opposing goal.

56 min

Neymar achieved a great break, but the Brazilian striker did not reach the goal.

55 min

The fourth option. Callejon was himself on the back, returned to Dries Mertens, but shook his half-naked Buffon.

54 min

A large choice of households continues. Mertens found only Callejon, shot from the first, but his shot at the last possible moment blocked the defense of PSG.

53 min

He came to Neymar on the opposite side, but he cooled to Kouliba.

52 min

Another option in Naples. Mertens was again active, but his turn was able to put Buffon on the next corner.

51 min

The excellent action of the Italian team was finally Dries Mertens. He was released from the first sixteen but Buffon could shoot.

50 min

After Maksimovic's start, Matsuimovic has gone but his head flies high above Buffon's goal.

49 min

The badge sought Callejon's hub, but goalkeeper Buffon hit the corner.

48 min

Exeter was Neymar, but his attempt did not go well with the well-established defense of the Napoli home.

47 min

Mbappé crashed to the ground before sixteen Callejon, followed by the guest standard.

46 min

The second half started.

The second half begins on the eye 22:03.

45 + 3 min

The first half is over.

45 + 3 min

At the end of the first half, the referee played the game, resulting in a yellow card for Maria Ruia.

45 + 1 min

Paris scored a goal!
Very important goal in the first half. Mbappé moved to the sixth place on the left and then found JUAN BERNATA and did not hesitate to score one hundred percent – 0: 1.

45 + 1 min

The Chief Judge adds another time to the first half.

45 min

Still, he entered the dangerous position of Insigne, but his attempt was blocked by a blow.

44 min

Callejon tried Callejon for home but was not successful in his hexagon.

42 min

Bernat was guilty of attacking Callejon, so the ball returned home to Naples.

41 min

After a series of passes, Bernat left the left, but neither his passport found any of his teammates.

40 min

Lorenzo Insigne was the first to score a goal in his nickname, but he was almost in the throat of Thiago Silva's well-being.

39 min

Veratti with a tough move sent Ruija to the country, followed by a promising Italian team.

38 min

Marquinhos found Meunier, but the ball failed and the opponent would be an opponent.

37 min

Di Maria shot at a great distance, but attempts were moved to places where Ospina was ready.

36 min

Meunier sought a Mbappé shooting center, but he did not allow the Perfect Schoolgirl to finish.

35 min

Ten minutes even the first half, will we have the first goal in this half?

33 min

Yellow card for Thilo Kehrer (Paris Saint-Germain).

32 min

Callejon had a brilliant opportunity to vie hard for it, but the home team managed to play it.

31 min

Neymar focused on upcoming Bernat, but defender Maksimovic did not go well.

30 min

Yellow card for Kylian Mbappé (Paris Saint-Germain).

29 min

Mbappé wanted to go to school, but he had a perfect defensive slider.

28 min

After the thrilling defeat by Thiago Silva, his end could not threaten Ospina by chance.

27 min

Hamšík illegally sent Neymar to the ground and directly hit a dangerous position.

26 min

The balls rushed to Ruiz, but Buffon stopped now.

24 min

He played a good home signal. Ruiz found Mertensa pass, but the Belgian player failed first.

23 min

This time, Mbappé found an active Neymar, but neither the sniper attempt turned Ospin into a rifle.

22 min

Mertens's 21st minute was successfully deflected,

21 min

Therefore, the entry into the game clearly gave way to a better French team. Can you guess the lead in the first half?

20 min

Bernat won the championship in sixteen, but Neymar did not come to the ball.

19 min

The corner kick was again dangerous to Neymar, but in this case his turn was imprecise.

18 min

Neymar came to the penalty area of ​​the opponent, but at twelve he stopped the defensive home.

17 min

An excellent action in the end was Meunier. He found a brilliant Neymar but Belgian did not manage to solve the situation at a crucial moment.

16 min

After that, Rui returned to the ball, but this time he did not have a center that had just crossed the entire penalty area.

15 min

Rui was smart with Insignum, but he read the combination of Thiago Silva's returnee.

14 min

Draxler played a ball in the middle of the field, leaving the PSG offensive.

12 min

Meunier Center almost came to Neymar, but happily home resolved everything that was well attentive Ospina.

11 min

Mertens broke the Neymar ball to Paris.

10 min

After ten minutes we have no goals. Neymar and Mbappé had good chances, but in both cases they defied the defensive Italian team.

9 min

Di Maria asked for a shootout of Mbappé, but this time she managed to defeat the Naples defense.

8 min

Veratti forgave the ball and left the field, so the home team's defenders excluded.

7 min

Marquinhos asked Draxler, but he did not let Rui go.

6 min

The ball hits the PSG in the field and is waiting for a good chance to threaten Ospin.

5 min

Mbappé fired, but his attempt was blocked.

4 min

The badge sought an interesting Miunier pass, but Maksimovic did not pass it.

3 min

The forefathers had to be hit by the opposing defense, but could still see the ball behind the car.

2 min

Neymar beat the ball in the middle of the pitch, but the Brazilian with balls of stupidity immediately came.

1 min

The meeting has just started.

Introductory meetings:

SSC Naples: Ospina – Nikola Maksimovic, Albiol, Koulibala, Rui – Allan, Hamsik (C), Ruiz – Callejon, D. Mertens, L. Insigne.
Vice-Presidents: Karnezis – Hysaj, Malcuit, Diawara, P. Zieliński, Milik, Ounas.

Paris Saint-Germain: Buffon – Kehrer, Silva (C), Marquinhos, Bernat – Meunier, Draxler, Verratti, Di María – Mbappé, Neymar.
Substitutes: Aréola – Kimpembe, Cavani, Choupo-Moting, Rabiot, Diaby, Nsoki ..

SSC Naples – Paris Saint-Germain

It's all right The fourth round will be held this Tuesday at the European Championship of European Championships. We'll look closer to the mega spool between Italian Naples and French PSG. This is actually a match where we have no uninvited favorites. But we need to be witnesses many goals and great offensives.

The last mutual duel of both teams is on 24.10.2018., When PSG play in the first match in the group, it hit 2: 2. Napoli led twice, but for the goal The insignia first responded to Patriot Ruia and Mertensa responded with a nice shot in the third minute from the border of sixteen Angel Di Maria.

If that is the shape, Paris is still there in the league table obviously in the first place. They also won heavy meetings with Marseille and Lille, so Twelve wins and 36 points is the perfect statistic. Napoli after pulling out with the French overall he could not win AS Rim and then simply beat Empoli at home 5: 1. Mainly Dries Mertens, who hit the hatrick and will certainly be the main weapon in this important game.

In case of injury, Naples without Chirichesa, Verdi and Younes. The question is the beginning of pairs It's a lot of Luperto. PSG definitely without Dani Alves and also Kurzawa. The question is above the Argentine attacker Cavanim, who should start in eleven elementary.

Convenient circuits:
Ospina – Hysaj, Raul Albiol, Schoolgirl, Mario Rui – Callejon, Allan, Hamsik, Zielinski – Mertens, Insigne.

Areola – Meunier, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Juan Bernat – Verratti, Rabiot – Mbappe, Neymar, Di Maria – Cavani.

Welcome to online transfer. The meeting starts at 21:00.

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