Tuesday , March 2 2021

Only a 12-year-old girl can save the planet. It invented the way of removing microplastic from the ocean and the sea

Anna Du attends only the 7th grade in Massachusetts Elementary School and can already enjoy great success. He was able to build a robot that could identify micro-organisms at sea. They are a problem not only for marine animals but for the entire ecosystem. Scientists raise their warning finger and say that by 2050, more fish than the fish will swim on the sea, which is really alarming.

That's one of the reasons why Ana decided not just to look at all of this. He noted that it is extremely difficult to remove especially micro-plastic that is deposited on the ocean floor. So he created a robot that is just right for this activity. The robot reminds a small vehicle made of PVC pipes and weighing weights that move in the sea and are able to identify microplasts using infrared radiation.

How can a 12-year-old girl do something like this? She got all the knowledge she needed in her local library and watched YouTube video footage. But she was interested in science since early childhood, and her parents were involved in various events when Anna was five years old.

Many experts surrendered to a girl, including Casey Machao of the Oceanographic Institute Woods Hole. For Smithsonian, she said that although the device looks simple, Anna deserves praise. It has set up a functional prototype that will help solve a serious humanity problem.

Casey Machao is dedicated to collecting and evaluating data from polar regions and is delighted that one of the robots involved in her work inspired Anna to create her prototype. Her robot even participated in the Broadcom Masters contest, and Ana put the idea in top 30 contestants.

The competition was attended by many expert people, and the ideas were rated by the best engineers and field scientists. Although Anna did not win the first prize, she has no head and hopes to become an engineer for some time to help build things that will make the world a little better.

source: interez.sk


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